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AH Prepaid Authorized Master Dealer For Lycamobile Ptel Red Pocket Expo Mobile ,

Defense Mobile.



Years of Experience 

The AH Prepaid Team is full of talented and experienced individuals. Built upon a core of top notch Managers and Executives, who possess unmatched knowledge of the rapidly changing and competitive wireless industry, AH Prepaid is a top tier distribution company with decades of combined experience.

Fanatical Customer Service

Our highly trained, knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic Customer Service Team understands the value in making sure all of our customers are taken care of. Every relationship we make is extremely valuable and we know it starts from the moment we pick up the phone. Our efforts to serve the customer come through in every aspect of our business, we know it all starts and ends with you, and we ensure that your experience will be unlike any other in the industry.

Extreme Online Tools

​ No one has the online tools we have, period. Our extensive investment in infrastructure and the development of online capabilities sets us apart from any other wireless distributor in the country. Every aspect of your distribution business is accessible through our customized portal and our always up to date website. From placing orders to checking your shipments and requesting marketing to verifying payments, our extreme online tools allow for the peace of mind, flexibility, and competitive advantage that you have been looking for in a wireless distributor. Don't be taken advantage of anymore, know exactly where you stand and how you got there with our specialized systems.

Unrivaled Marketing Support

A talented team of marketing all-stars are at your service. With customized email blasts, impressive logo creation, awesome advertisement, and the fastest turnaround time you can find, our marketing team will give you the feel and look of a multi-million dollar company.

Nationwide Capabilities

As a nationwide distributor we have the advantage of being able to ship product anywhere in the United States. Once we receive the order it immediately goes through our Logistics Manager to ensure that an accurate and timely delivery is achieved every time. Automatic email updates and notifications let you know immediately where your shipment is and when it will get to you. From Maine to California our distribution channel has you covered, your shipment will be in your hands in no time.

Accurate & Timely Payouts

Show me the money! That's exactly what we plan on doing for you. Our systems stretch far beyond shipping and marketing. Our systems ensure that you will receive the most accurate, timely, and detailed payments and reports in the industry. You no longer have to wonder if you are getting everything you deserve, with our systems and reports you can check for yourself and make sure everything we are doing to support you is truly in your best interests. We take great pride in knowing that our customers are happy and profitable

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