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Lyca Mobile Sim Card With $19 Plan Include 30,60 or 90 Service

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Lyca Mobile Sim With $19 Plan

Buy Lyca Mobile USA $19 plan Sim card Preloaded with 30,60 or  90 days service and enjoy unlimited talk,text pluse unlimited calls to India,China,Canada,Mexico and 56 countries.Your time will not start until you activate the sim card.
No credit checks are required and it only takes a few minutes to order your plan. We will then post it, Preloaded on a Free SIM card. All you need is an unlocked or T Mobile phone before you start using it. All of our plans run on a month by month basis and you can easily upgrade to a different plan as your needs change (unlimited* international calling, 4G data etc.). What’s more, with any of our plans you also receive exclusive international rates on calls to countries outside of your allowance. If you are happy with your current plan, you can set up.
This preloaded SIM is a 3 in 1 SIM. It comes in the standard SIM size with perforation for the Micro and Nano sizes. To activate the SIM you have to log on AH Prepaid’s website. Lycamobile is a T-Mobile MVNO, as such, they piggyback on the T-Mobile network. If you have good T-Mobile coverage in your area, these cards will work well for you. Please check T-Mobile coverage in your area prior to purchase. Once a SIM has been activated or the SIM packaging has been opened, the SIM may not be returned.

Lyca Mobile $19 USA National Plan:

  • Unlimited Nationwide talk & Text
  • 100MB data only at up to 4G LTE
  • 1000 international minutes to60 countries: Canada,China,india France,Hong Kong,Israel,Mexico,Portugal,Singapore,Thailand,
    United Kingdom,Venezuela
  • Unlimited international text
  • Unlimited Free calls to Lyca Mobile numbers worldwide
Countries list
Andorra Kazakhstan
Argentina Latvia
Australia Lithuania
Austria(M) Luxembourg
Belgium (M) Macau (M)
Brazil (M) Malaysia (M)
Bulgaria(M) Malta
Canada (M) Martinique
Chile*(M) Mexico (M)
China (M) Morocco
Colombia (M) Netherlands
Costa Rica New Zealand
Croatia Norway(M)
Cyprus Panama
Czech Republic (M) Paraguay
Denmark(M) Peru*
Dominican Republic Poland (M)
Estonia Portugal
Finland Romania
France Russia
Germany San Marino
Greece Singapore (M)
Guadeloupe Slovakia Republic
Guam(M) Slovenia
Hong Kong (M) South Africa
Hungary South Korea (M)
Iceland Spain(M)
India (M) Sweden(M)
Ireland Switzerland
Israel(M) Taiwan
Italy Thailand (M)
Japan United Kingdom

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Weight .0625 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 3 x .01 in
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Free sim with 30 days service, Free sim with 60 days service, Free sim with 90 days service

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