Lycamobile $29 plan offer unlimited talk text with high speed data plus unlimited calls to 75 plus countries

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Lycamobile USA $29 Plan Sim Card Include 30-60 or 90 Days Plan

SKU: L29-2
  • Lyca mobile have created our $29 Plan with one thing in mind - simplicity. Unlimited US talk, text and data as well as unlimited international texts and unlimited calls to over 50 countries at a great price of just $29. No credit checks are required and it only takes a few minutes to order your plan. We will then post it, Preloaded on a Free SIM card. All you need is an unlocked phone before you start using it. All of our plans run on a month by month basis and you can easily upgrade to a different plan as your needs change (unlimited* international calling, 4G data etc.). What's more, with any of our plans you also receive exclusive international rates on calls to countries outside of your allowance. If you are happy with your current plan, you can set up.
    Auto-renewal and we will renew your plan on the agreed renewal date - again you have full control over this function and can stop it at any time.
    Your $29 Unlimited Cell Plan gives you:
     Unlimited* Nationwide Talk, Text & Data
    First 5GB Data at up to 4G LTE

    First 6GB Data at up to 4G LTE when you buy 3 or more month
    Unlimited* international calling from the USA to Bangladesh, China, India, Poland, Mexico, Thailand plus 70 other countries



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