Before It was not easy to get India sim cards from other countries But now if you are travelling to Indian and you can buy BSNL sim card from us and It will work when you land in Indian airport.

You have to activate the sim card before you go to India. Please notify us atleast 48 hour before you go to India. and You can come back to this website to activate the sim card 

BSNL Bsnl Inidan Sim Card Plans 


  • Unlimited talk in India
  • 30 GB 4G data for 30 days (1GB -4G data per day after that speed slow down)


Activation Requirements For Indian Sim Card

  • Passport copy
  • Proof of Indian Visa
  • Staying Address: Hotel or Home
  • Date of travelling To India


Calling from Indian to USA you can use free google phone through using your data plan. If you need help to get free USA google phone,we are happly to help you. There is somany other apps are available which you can use to make calls to USA.

When you receive the sim card please email us all the documents and we will activate the sim card before you land in India airport

Bsnl Indian Prepaid Sim Card For Tourist Include 30 Days Plan

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