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Which Items Convenience Stores Should Sell to Increase Profit

Every Convenience stores and gas stations keep promoting cigarettes and other tobacco products, but they only get 10% profit from cigarettes sale and they have to stock a big cigarette inventory in their stores to make money. The cigarettes cartons average cost is around $70 to $80 each. If Convenience store’s owner put some effort to sell prepaid sim cards and cell phone accessories then they can earn double and triple the profit margin.

Why Convenience Stores Should Sell Prepaid Wireless

There is absolutely no cost to start prepaid phone business. The carrier will provide all the marketing materials to store owner without paying a dime

It takes a few minutes to activate the prepaid sim cards and store owner can earn $25 to $50 per activation. If they sell minimum 15 sim cards per month with average $30 monthly plan then they can earn around $600 month or $7200 year.

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Commission by carrier

AT&T Prepaid

If you sell AT&T prepaid sim card at your store then AT&T will pay you compensation up to 3 month. Example: If you activate the sim card with $65 unlimited data plan then you will earn $39 commission during the activation. If customer continue stay with AT&T then you earn additional $23 in 2nd month and $14 in 3rd month. If customer visit your store to recharge the plan then you will get additional 14% from plan.

AT&T Prepaid Commission Structure

Total spiff: $27.05
· 1st month $14.05
· 2nd month $8
· 3rd month $5
Total spiff: $32.72
· 1st month $19.72
· 2nd month $8
· 3rd month $5
Total spiff: $45.75
· 1st month $28.75
· 2nd month $9
· 3rd month $8
Total spiff: $62.77
· 1st month $38.77
· 2nd month $14
· 3rd month $10
Total spiff: $74.12
· 1st month $37.12
· 2nd month $23
· 3rd month $14
Total spiff: $40.50

How to Become A Prepaid Wireless Retailer ?
AH Wholesale Inc is a master distributor for AT&T,H2O Wireless,Red Pocket and Lycamobile since 2013. They can help you to become a prepaid wireless reatiler without paying a single dime.
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