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T-Mobile keeps postpaid pressure on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint

T-Mobile brings back focus on its 6 GB family plans as it looks to continue applying postpaid pressure on rivals Verizon, AT&T and Sprint

T-Mobile US continues to play musical rate plans, announcing the impending relaunch of a family plan offer providing six gigabytes of unthrottled data per line.

The plan, which was initially unveiled last November as part of the carrier’s “Un-carrier X” event – also known as the Binge On launch – offers up unlimited voice calling, text messaging and 6 GB of unthrottled data per line for $30 per line for the first four connections and then $20 per line for up to a total of 12 lines of service. T-Mobile US claims the offer is a $20 per month saving for four lines compared to its Simple Choice with Family Match offer.

The offer also includes T-Mobile US’ barrage of extras, including the Binge On platform, international roaming, “Mobile without Borders” service and “Data Stash.”

The latest promotion looks set to take headlines from a four-line family plan that included 10 GB of data per line for $140, which regained prominence last month and said to offer an $80 per month discount compared with regular pricing, though $20 more than what the plan was priced at when promoted in February. The 10 GB data plan move last month itself also replaced the focus on an unlimited data family plan that was launched as part of the February promotion, which offered four lines of service for $150 per month.

T-Mobile US late last month reported first quarter operating results showing market-leading growth of 1 million net connection additions across postpaid channels, with a vast majority of those coming from the most lucrative “phone” connections. The growth was in stark contrast to larger rivals Verizon Wireless and AT&T Mobility, both of which lost postpaid phone additions for the quarter, while smaller rival Sprint managed to add 22,000 net phone connections during the quarter.


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