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Lycamobile New 19 Plan

Lycamobile New 19 Plan

Lycamobile New $19 Plan Will Gives You:

    • Unlimited Talk & Text
    • Unlimited International Text
    • 100 MB Data
    • Unlimited talk to over 60  countries

Countries list
Andorra Kazakhstan
Argentina Latvia
Australia Lithuania
Austria(M) Luxembourg
Belgium (M) Macau (M)
Brazil (M) Malaysia (M)
Bulgaria(M) Malta
Canada (M) Martinique
Chile*(M) Mexico (M)
China (M) Morocco
Colombia (M) Netherlands
Costa Rica New Zealand
Croatia Norway(M)
Cyprus Panama
Czech Republic (M) Paraguay
Denmark(M) Peru*
Dominican Republic Poland (M)
Estonia Portugal
Finland Romania
France Russia
Germany San Marino
Greece Singapore (M)
Guadeloupe Slovakia Republic
Guam(M) Slovenia
Hong Kong (M) South Africa
Hungary South Korea (M)
Iceland Spain(M)
India (M) Sweden(M)
Ireland Switzerland
Israel(M) Taiwan
Italy Thailand (M)
Japan United Kingdom

Limited time offer. Plan expires after 30 days. 6% regulatory surcharge will apply for purchases made on and by auto-renewal. Only valid for calls, texts and data usage from the US. 100MB of data at up to 4G LTE speed only. USA includes 50 states and Puerto Rico. Texts to 900 numbers are not included. Purchase of top-up credit required to enable additional features (like international talk to countries not listed). Offer of unlimited international calls to Lycamobile numbers only valid when both numbers are not roaming. No national roaming (voice, text and data not available in off-net areas – see coverage map for details). For non-commercial, personal use only. Service may be suspended/terminated if used in violation of Acceptable Use Policy. SIM and assigned number expire after 90 days of non-use. Offer terms at time of plan activation apply, regardless of purchase date. Plans, rates & services are subject to change without notice & are not available in all locations or for all phones. LTE is a trademark of ETSI.

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