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Avraam Russo Daleko Daleko WORK

All my life there in Armenia I was following Avraam Rousso songs. I was there when his song of Amr Diad ?daleko daloka? made the big impact. I liked Russian language and Russian songs because of him and he is my preferred singer and till now all his CD's are in my car and I listen his music every day.

Avraam Russo Daleko Daleko

1. Ty v serdtse2. Cherez lyubov (duet s Ivana)3. Shokoladka-Chikita4. Ne dolyublyu5. Ver6. Tolko dlya tebya7. Znayu8. Ty odna9. Lyubov i sudba10. Daleko-daleko11. Ona-ona12. Kak byt?13. Tenya ne goni14. Tri ... 041b061a72


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