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Where Can I Buy A Lindt Advent Calendar

Count down to Christmas with the Christmas tradition of Lindt advent calendars - sweet gifts sure to light up each festive morning with their chocolate surprises, including milk chocolate LINDOR mini truffles, mini chocolate balls and double milk chocolate balls, Lindt TEDDY and Friends candy and various wrapped pralines. Give your kids a Christmas gift each day of December until it's time to open even more presents. Since 1845 Lindt has been dedicated to perfecting the art of chocolate, so unwrap every morning with Lindt chocolate and indulge in a miniature gift. Lindt helps make every Christmas special. Christmas chocolate is made with premium ingredients to deliver a distinctly smooth and rich gourmet taste, creating a unique holiday chocolate experience. Each piece of chocolate is individually wrapped in festive foil, making it perfect for savoring for yourself or sharing with friends or loved ones. Lindt Master Chocolatiers have been perfecting the art of fine chocolates with unmatched passion and commitment for over 175 years. Make holiday moments magical with Lindt.

where can i buy a lindt advent calendar


Feeling festive? Begin the count down to Christmas day with a luxury chocolate advent calendar (or few). Whether you want to treat yourself or someone special, we've got designs and flavours for all. The cut off to order our advent calendars has now passed. Head to our Christmas page for more festive chocolate.

On the Lindt website, you can get two 200g boxes for 9 instead of 11 , getting you an extra 100g of chocolate for 1 less than the advent calendar. You could opt for the assorted box to get a varied selection, or pick your favourite flavour for a morning treat throughout the month.

The chocolate retailer has also got a bargain deal on an advent calendar bundle, which offers four advent calendars for 30 , down from 40, which works out at 7.50 each. You can shop for more Lindt festive goodies on the website.

Nothing whips up festive excitement like an advent calendar. Though you can now buy ones filled with everything from popcorn to pork scratchings, we think nothing beats the childlike joy of knowing you can eat chocolate for breakfast every day for the next month.

Find the perfect advent 2022 calendar for your family and start counting down the days until Christmas. Shop our selection of unique holiday advent calendars, with designs and styles ranging from traditional to modern.

Count down the days until Christmas Day with our fun and festive advent calendars. If you have children at home, consider putting a chocolate-filled 2022 advent calendar in each of their rooms as a memorable, merry way to begin or end each day. For grown-ups, you can shop our advent calendars selection for countdown calendars stocked with petite bottles of wine or tasty treats like Bonne Maman fruit preserves. Or choose our DIY advent calendar so you can stock it with holiday candy and snacks you know they'll love.

A chocolate advent calendar sold at Lidl grocery stores as recently as Monday is under voluntary recall over concerns it may be contaminated with salmonella, the Food and Drug Administration announced this week.

Accordingly, consumers who may have purchased or been gifted one of these advent calendars are urged to check for a "BEST IF USED BY" date of 2023 and a barcode number of "4056489516965." Consumers with questions may call the Lidl Customer Care Hotline at 1-844-747-5435 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. from Monday through Saturday.

For those wanting to get into the festive spirit early, an Advent calendar is the perfect way to start counting down the days until Christmas. A Lindt Advent calendar is particularly special, as it features 24 individually-wrapped milk and dark chocolates hidden behind 24 little doors. Not only does it help build anticipation for Christmas Day, but it also provides a delicious treat for chocolate lovers. But where can you buy one? Fortunately, there are a few options for those looking to purchase a Lindt Advent calendar this holiday season.

What is better than an advent calendar filled with chocolate for a festive holiday treat? Ghirardelli is a well-known brand in the chocolate industry and has risen to the challenge of creating the best advent calendar. Make the holidays brighter and more joyful with their limited edition Ghirardelli Advent Calendar. The indulgent calendar is topped with a delicious selection of flavors, including dark, milk, and white chocolate. The perfect way to spend the holidays as one family, this festive calendar will be a welcome addition to any Christmas table. Custom Mix allows you to create your own 50 pound gift bag for an extra special touch. No matter how you celebrate the holiday season, Ghirardelli is the ideal chocolate calendar design.

Put your business in the spotlight! We provide printing and design options on our Lindt advent calendars, where you can select from colour choices and use your own logo, brand message or artwork to create a fantastic product, which business clients and customers will adore.

The upside to kicking off the holiday season the day after Halloween is that it gives parents, caregivers and cool aunts and uncles time to prepare for Dec. 1, the first official day of advent season. What was once a simple chocolate calendar for kids has turned into a whole plethora of hobby-infused collections from TV-themed Funko POP! for adults to STEM calendars for children. 041b061a72


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