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Michael Flores
Michael Flores

Diablo 2 Rip Version

i have a lot of questions that need answering, and i can only hope that a real, working version of diablo 2 is released soon. i have questions about the game that the devs havent answered yet, like how it works with diablo 3: eternal collection or will there be more things added in post-release. will classes that we never played in diablo 2 get treated to expanded mechanics? will diablo 2 be more ambitious or less ambitious? will it still play great?

diablo 2 rip version

hell, the official answer to these questions is that it will be less ambitious. "d2r" made it abundantly clear from the outset that it was never meant to be a complete recreation of diablo 2, and it certainly delivers more than a few rough edges.

if youre like me, you played diablo 2 through all three games and quit after diablo 2. i couldnt help but wonder why everyone involved in d2r seems intent on leaving players feeling like theyre playing a sequel that was never released in the first place. its not possible for me to feel any sense of closure when i dont have access to the original game.

the nature of the workbench slot is that it can be a lone slot and there are 3 versions of it. for me, it is 3 slots. one for crossfire and the other two which replaced my av adapter card and are mine.

i lost several hours of 3 days to figure this out. for me, i do crossfire, which means that my video card will power two monitors simultaneously and the third will be powered by a video card dedicated to the task. the slot is the video card. its not true, but as is the case with most of the catastrophe here, it is impossible to know if this or that feature has existed for a long long time and i didnt know it. theres a fairly big overlap between the video features found on the 2000 video cards and those that most modern video cards support, including nvidia's latest. when i say i lost several hours of 3 days, i could have easily gone about two days the rest of my "5 year" that i was away.


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