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Real Guitar 2 Vst Plugin Download

If you are serious about creating truly realistic sounding solo and accompaniment guitar stuff for your songs, our product called RealGuitar is just what you need. RealGuitar is a sample-based virtual instrument with an innovative approach to guitar sound modeling and guitar part performing on keyboard.

Real Guitar 2 Vst Plugin Download

Version 6 supports external guitar FX processors which are important to create a realistic guitar part. Our experts have thoroughly examined guitar tones used in most popular songs played by greatest guitarists and came up with more than two hundred authentic presets which sound similar to what they heard, ready to be used in your next song. We recommend to use open-source Guitarix.vst virtual guitar amp as a robust and versatile solution to use these presets. Combining a virtual guitar and an FX processor allows you to store a guitar sound and an FX processor preset at the same time, which a real time saver.

Sophisticated humanization algorithms vary samples, technique and control parameters, timing, chord strum aspects to reach best possible realism in guitar tracks. That helps you bring a digitally simulated guitar performance maximally close to an analog recording of a best-in-class session guitarist.

To help you find the guitar sounds that are right for your next hit, we compiled a list of the best free guitar VST plugins that you can download and start using in your productions today. The following software covers a wide variety of guitars: electric, acoustic, classical, lap steel, 12-strings, and non-Western stringed instruments like the Chinese moon guitar (yueqin) or the Greek bouzouki.

With SC2 SPI, you can play ultra-realistic electric guitar performance in real-time. You can access various playing techniques instantly without stopping your performance and create convincing guitar tracks very quickly. Sampled real chords / Emulated chordsUser chords (You can make any chords using User Chord Editor.)Realtime Legato Slide / Hammer-on & Pull-offVibratoTrill / Picking TremoloMute & picking noiseGliss up / downVibratoNatural HarmonicsUnison bend / Stationary bed / Double bendPinch harmonicsFeedbackCricketWhammy barMoving harmonicsSpecial FX (scrape, Whammy bar,etc.)Fret noise, Pick stop noise, Bridge mute noise, Release noise, Position change noiseetc. You can play ultra realistic electric guitar performance in real-time!

Each of the Musiclab guitar models has been converted to NKS compatibility allowing browsing of the presets and modes of each guitar VST plugins from the NKS browser, full control over the available parameters, library artwork and preset sound previews.

The library/instrument provides great flexibility and ease of use for various bass guitar tones and playing styles. It makes programming realistic and groovy basslines extremely simplified. You need a good amount of time to explore the depth of the plugin, but once you do, you will realize the immense potential it offers to music producers and sound designers.

The plugin also has playing modes by which you can play the root notes, and the plugin will keep the groove and feel consistent. With so much content and high-quality and well-recorded sounds, all these features make it the best bass guitar Kontakt library.

Inspired by legendary guitar amplifiers from the real world, the included "classic clean", "classic drive" and "modern drive" amp models cover a wide range of guitar amp tones, from clean vintage sounds from the early days of electric guitar to modern high gain metal tones.

Operating the plug-in is extremely simple: load it in your favorite host application, choose a preset or an amp model, and play! Like with a real guitar amp, you can tweak the frequency response with the included EQ and adjust the amount of drive - but watch out, it goes to 11!

As technology has rapidly advanced in the recent decade, computers are stealing more and more roles from physical musical instruments and accessories. Nowadays, you do not need expensive amps, pedals, or microphones to record or play guitar with a killer tone. All you need are some plugins such as virtual amps, effect pedals, even instruments that sound amazing and leave no space for physical equipment.

When it comes to excellent guitar VST plugins, there are some fantastic options out there, along with so many that are not worth your time. As guitars and guitar amps, effect pedals are complicated instruments to replicate on the digital platforms as plugins; you often lose the character and the details of your tone and playing on the computer. But, luckily there are also excellent plugins to avoid that loss with brilliant ways and add more spice to your tone and playing.

One of the most popular virtual guitar plugins is undoubtedly Ample Guitar M Lite IIs, aiming to bring the Martin D-41 Acoustic Guitar sound to your studio. With 866 samples and rich fingering noise, Ample Guitar provides realistic and vivid guitar sounds.

Shreddage Stratus Free by Impact Sound Works is yet another excellent VST guitar for the Kontakt platform. The plugin features deep-sampled sustain, palm mute, and choke articulations with 24 samples for each note. The rich sound library includes 3 octaves of playing range and tons of performance options.

Shreddage Stratus Free also has TACT 2.0 and the new console mixer, along with the modular FX rack for you to create the guitar tones you like. The sound samples are one of the most realistic free VST guitars, and the interface is relatively easy to navigate.

Revitar 2 is a guitar synthesizer plugin with many different guitar sounds and playing styles. The plugin features a unique guitar pick, string, and body simulation in order to create a more realistic approach along with more flexible playing. The plugin does not use audio samples, which makes every note sound unique.

ReValver 4 by Peavey is a virtual guitar amp, stompbox, and effects modeling plugin with a dash of high realism, dynamics, and tone. It uses a unique technology called Audio Cloning Technology that allows incredible instrument modeling on the input and tone matching on the output. That means that you can clone the sound of any amp in the world, making the plugin unlimited.

Yummy Beats Modest Guitar is a free virtual instrument plugin for Kontakt users. This Kontakt library presents sound with round robins and three articulations, including acoustic guitar, flageolets, and fx guitar. The flageolets, especially, sound pretty impressive with their well-rounded tone.

Just like a real guitar amp, the drive amount and frequency response with the included EQ can be easily adjusted. The plugin works with Windows and Mac and with any software that supports VST, AU, or AAX formats.

Nick Crow Lab 8505 Lead is another great tube guitar amplifier plugin with marvelous metal and rock tones. The plugin supports HQ oversampling for more realistic sound with standard adjustment features of a tube amp such as gain, master volume, and EQ knobs.

Dynamic Guitars by DSK offers 3 different great-sounding virtual instruments, including Acoustic, Steel, and Nylon guitars. The realism and dynamic response of the guitars are more than satisfying. There are many adjustment knobs on the control panel to edit the sound of the guitars as you like.

Direct Guitar 3.0 is a great virtual Stratocaster guitar plugin that works with Kontakt platforms. The 10 GB innovative sound library is a comprehensive tool offering a wide range of stunning sound effects like delay, reverb, phaser, wah controlled via Mod Wheel. The plugin also provides you with many different articulations such as Bride, mid-bridge mid, mid-neck, neck, jazz, strum, slap hand, arpeggio, inspiring chords, Mute M+N, Mute M+B, and many more.

DVS Guitar is a sampled virtual electric guitar plugin with a basic interface and basic effects such as overdrive, reverb, and flanger. It is a decent virtual instrument for leads and heavy sounds in which high realistic sounds can be achieved with good control of the pitch wheel controller.

Simulanalog is a VST guitar suite of VST plugins with virtual amps and analog pedals. The suite includes the distortion pedal Boss DS-1, the super overdrive pedal Boss SD-1, overdrive pedal Tube Screamer, phaser pedal Oberheim PS-1, Univox Univibe modulation pedal, Fender Twin 1969 guitar amp, Marshall JCM900 guitar amp.

ProF.E.T. by Ignite Amps is a virtual distortion preamp/stompbox developed to model its real hardware counterpart accurately. In order to keep the distortion aggressive and harmonics prosperous, the plugin delivers tons of tube-like saturation with carefully tuned JFET-based gain stages and filters.

Boogex is a VST amp simulator with expansive sound shaping features from heavy distorted to slightly jazzy saturated tones. The plugin can also apply any speaker cabinet impulse response with its built-in impulse selection. Another great feature is that the latency is almost zero, making it a suitable plugin for real-time usage.

The CPU usage and real-time playability are considered when the plugin was designed, and the simple interface was designed for live performances and jamming. You can use the plugin on Windows and Mac in VST, AU, and AAX formats with any DAW.

AmpLion Free is the free limited version of the AmpLion Pro plugin, which was created using advanced circuit modeling technology. The free version offers a limited number of simulated amps and effects compared to the pro version. However, it is still enough to experience the high quality and realistic sound of a real analog amp.

Designed especially for highly down-tuned guitars, the TSB-1 Tyrant Screamer is a virtual effects pedal inspired by the famous 808 overdrive pedal by Ibanez. Some features were added to elevate the versatility of the pedal. You can add dirt and bite to clean or overdrive tones or make your amps distortion sound tighter with the plugin.