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Sash! - Encore Une Fois (Official Video)

"Raindrops (Encore une fois)" is a mashup of Sash!'s hit single "Encore une fois" and Stunt's single "Raindrops". The mashup was provided by German dance project Kindervater, and the song was released as a song by Sash! and Stunt as they both were attracted by the mashup and also both featured in the video. The single did not prove to be as popular as "Encore une fois", but it was more successful than "Raindrops".

Sash! - Encore Une Fois (Official Video)

The music video is set in a club with people dancing whilst the singer sings in the middle of the dance floor. It shows clips of a couple running away and later kissing passionately. The video, which uses the "Kindervater UK Remix" was uploaded onto YouTube on 5 September 2008, when it was uploaded onto Hard2Beat's official channel. The main video has received more than 11 million views as of March 2016.[5] In the video, Sash! is playing and can be seen in the background; there are also shots of Stunt's singer, Molly Smitten-Downes singing in the club when it is empty and others of her sat on a bench. When the words "encore une fois" are first heard when the camera cuts to a shot of a woman's cleavage; this scene was censored by major music television stations.[citation needed]

The accompanying music video for "Ecuador" was directed by Oliver Sommer,[15] who had previously directed the videos for "Encore une fois" and "Stay", and was shot in Lanzarote and Tenerife, Spain.[citation needed] It features female models appearing like bird-like creatures in a desert landscape. "Ecuador" was later published on YouTube in October 2016, and by March 2023, the video had generated more than 105 million views.[16] 041b061a72


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