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Best Place To Buy Fitbit Charge 2

As with anything gear-related, the right fitbit is not a one-size-fits-all for runner, triathletes, and other athletes. Instead of wasting money on something that will not be suited to your use, it is best to understand what your requirements are so you can look for those features in the tracker.

best place to buy fitbit charge 2

This specific problem has been raised by consumers many times in the past and still the band design has NOT been addressed. How many replacement bands have been provided to charge 2 users? What will it take for the design team to address this issue? I agree I love my Charge2 but I am about to replace the bands for the THIRD time. I am 70 years old and am not any kind of an extreme athlete. I walk. I take care of my Fitbit. I want a band that does not fail after 7 months.

Question. I am a Jazzercise instructor and am interested in something like the fitbit charge 2. Though I would end up wearing it most of the time the thing I want it most for is to monitor my heart rate during class. Most classes start with a warm up then we increase our heart rate with each song, stay at the peak for about 12 minutes, then bring it back down. This cardio section lasts for about 40 minutes. Then we do strength routines for about 20 minutes. Class takes place indoors so weather is not an issue. But it is dance exercise so our arms move around a lot and do a variety of things, everything from punching, engaging them at our sides, swinging, pumping, etc. I tried on the Garmin Vivofit Smart as well as the fitbit charge 2 and found the fitbit charge 2 to be more comfortable. However, I was wondering if you had an opinion on which one you think would give a more accurate heart rate description for the kind of work out I do. Though it would be great to know exactly why my heart rate is during class, I know optical HR sensors are not fully accurate. I am more concerned about the device being able to accurately capture the changes in my heart rate.

I thought im gonna buy fitbit charge2, but you said that the hrm doesnt work well during workout (hiit). So i have to consider again to buy it because I focus on accurate hrm. And i find that mio fuse does it well. But isnt it a old device? or are there any fitness tracker to buy nowaday?

My solution for daily running is to base my distance as best I can on steps. Can I easily change the stride length of the charge 2 either in the app or on the web site. I would go for a 5 mile run with my phone and then fool around with stride length to attempt a (close) match.

me that its screen is damaged. All i do is run on treadmill. Looks like fitbit is into making money by having people replace their fitbit every now so often. How can you guys not make from gorilla glass or something. It gets scratches and cracks with normal usage. Piece of crap.

Bought my charge2 in June 2018 after the bands on 2 other chargeHR broke.this is my 4th fifbit in 4 years my first one would never sync.just got off the phone with Fitbit and they acted like I shouldn't have been out in the sun with it on,that suntan lotion & the heat could have cracked it,they were offering me 25 percent off,reslly it's not even 3 months old!!! I am really upset that they pick & choose who's Fitbit to replace.

I have contacted fitbit support and as usual they were great. my tracker is under warranty and they are sending a replacement but I am a little worried that when I break this one I won't find another.

If you are still within warranty then fitbit will normally replace the entire tracker, but whether you are in cover or not depends on where you are. The warranty runs for 24 months from purchase if you are in Europe but only 12 months elsewhere.

I would argue that it heavily depends on what you want to use it for. I used to have one of the early simple fitbits that did nothing but count steps and track sleep, and stopped using it within a few month. I know I don't walk enough.I do however bicycle a fair bit for exercise and ended up with a Garmin 630, which I love, except for the display indoors. It's awesome outdoors. I like it so much that I'm seriously considering upgrading to a Garmin Fenix5, which is pricey, but awesome.If I didn't bike as much, I would go with some cheaper options, or options that have better notifications, which are not the strong suite of Garmin.Garmin devices seem to have by far the best battery life, with close to 2 weeks between charges if I don't use GPS, and still a few days if I use GPS for occasional rides and to track walking the dog. 041b061a72


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