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[S3E16] Sister

Tommy: Do you know that every CD store in the city is going out of business?Sarah: Don't tell me you didn't get the music?Tommy: Oh, I got Sister Sledge and Elvis Costello, but Harold Vick I couldn't even find him on iTunes.Saul: I have everything he's ever done. The man is a total virtuoso.Tommy: Why didn't you speak up before, Uncle Saul?Saul: I did speak up. But for some unknown reason, your sister preferred to torture me with car seat installation.

[S3E16] Sister

Prue and Phoebe are at the beach, and Prue is taking pictures. Prue isn't happy to be there, as this is where Grams had taken all of the sisters after their mother died. Prue sees a woman on the top of a hill, also taking pictures, and a shadowy figure next to her. The shadow doesn't show up in any of Prue's pictures.

Prue pulls up behind Davidson's car. The woman she saw earlier is Andrea, a rookie inspector with the DA's office and Davidson's partner. She finds it hard to believe the sisters are murderers, and thinks Davidson is hiding something. Davidson, however, thinks something smells about the case, and wants her to concentrate on following Phoebe. He asks her to drop off the pictures she took earlier in his office before going home. Andrea gets out of Davidson's car, and Prue follows her.

Piper and Leo are still trying to figure out where to put the lamp when Cole brings an unconscious Davidson to the manor. Prue is convinced she saved Davidson by beating the Angel of Death. Cole, however, thinks that Prue should have helped him fight off the Seekers, since they now know Davidson is the key. Phoebe thinks Cole took too big of a risk in going after the Seekers, but Cole thinks it was better for him to go out than them. Prue and Phoebe point out that Cole knows virtually everything about them. Cole quickly realizes what this means: if the Seekers kill him, they'll have enough knowledge to take a run at the sisters.

Davidson regains consciousness just in time to see Leo orb out. Despite Cole and the sisters' efforts to reassure him, Davidson is scared out of his wits and leaves the manor with his gun drawn. While Phoebe and Piper follow him, Prue returns to the beach and casts a spell to summon Death. Death taunts Prue about her mother; he thinks deep down, Prue really summoned him because she's angry her mother died so soon. Prue denies this, but Death tells her that deep down, she thinks saving Davidson she'll have finally beaten him.

In the Staff operating theater three months later, a pregnant woman, Sabine, dies on the table while being operated on by Ethan with Juliet and Goodwin's assistance. Goodwin attempts to comfort the distraught Juliet, telling her to leave and that he will speak to Ben. Ben approaches Juliet outside as she sits on the rocky coast. Ben says that Sabine knew "the risks" she was taking when she became pregnant. Juliet declares her theory that "the problems" occur when the baby is conceived and that she can only be certain of her theory if she is allowed to take one of the women back to Miami. Ben flatly refuses, so Juliet says that there is nothing more she can do there. She apologizes and acknowledges that Ben put a lot of faith in her, but it's time for her to go home to her sister, who is only three months away from having her baby. Ben informs Juliet that her sister won't be giving birth in three months because Rachel's cancer has returned and that she will be dead before Juliet can return. He takes a folder of medical papers from his bag, documenting the cancer, and shows them to Juliet. Juliet is angry and distressed that Ben didn't inform her sooner. She asks where he got the information, and Ben says he got it from Mikhail. Ben offers a deal to Juliet: if she stays on the Island and continues her research, he will make sure that Rachel's cancer is cured. He points out that none of the people on the Island have ever had cancer. Juliet retorts "that's here" and that Ben won't let Juliet bring Rachel to the Island. He says that Jacob will take care of it personally... unless Juliet "[doesn't] even have faith in him."

Ben welcomes her and comments that the book she recommended, Carrie, is depressing. She shows the X-rays to Ben, explaining that what she assumed was a small fracture or herniated disk is actually a large tumor surrounding his L4 vertebrae. Ben is taken aback and Juliet asks why he is surprised. He says it is because he has cancer, and she points out that she said it was a tumor, not cancer. She asks him why he is scared, but he denies that he is as he goes to the kitchen for a glass of water. Juliet angrily challenges Ben's claim that nobody on the Island ever had cancer and calls him a liar. How could he promise to cure Rachel and claim no one has ever had cancer on the Island what is she to make of her promise to cure Rachel. She suspects that Ben might never have saved Rachel's life after all. She demands to see her sister, furiously knocking the glass out of Ben's hand. He refuses, and Juliet screams that he has lied to her all this time. Ben insists that Rachel is fine, and Juliet bursts into tears, begging him to let her go home. He coldly replies "No," and leaves Juliet sobbing at the kitchen counter.

Susan Olsen is viciously attacked by a jealous spirit; Rita Coolidge defends herself against evil entities; Fairuza Balk confronts two ghosts who died tragically; and Enrico Colantoni receives closure 30 years after the death of his sister.

Buck is an open book about his relationship woes and his family dramas with his sister, but maybe that nonchalance in the face of others is all just an act. When he brings up the subject of keeping in touch with the team once they are no longer a part of the 118, he is exposing just how much he fears being left behind or forgotten. 041b061a72


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