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Grey's Anatomy Season 19 - Episode 1

The first episodes of the season leave Meredith contemplating her future in Seattle as she supports her struggling daughter Zola and wonders what comes next for her career, all while reigniting her romance with Nick.

Grey's Anatomy Season 19 - Episode 1

However, the character will soon depart the show in the seventh episode of the season, I'll Follow the Sun. However, Pompeo will return as Meredith in the Grey's Anatomy season 19 finale next year.

Taking to Instagram following the airing of the sixth episode in the US, Pompeo penned: "I am eternally grateful and humbled by the love and support you have all shown me, Meredith GREY and the show for 19 seasons!

Writing about her exit on Instagram, McCreary wrote: "9 seasons, 200 episodes, scores of heroic surgeries, countless brave patients, dozens of delightful sister house scenes, 1 episode with my real-life sister, some loss and some grief, a few ghostly visitations from mothers, a handful of boyfriends, 2 gorgeous weddings, a bunch of drunken emotional breakdowns, 1 high-speed chase, several awkward dinner parties, 1 punch taken (1 punch thrown), at least 1 pratfall, buckets of tears, innumerable fits of laughter, all the medical jargon mastered, a slew of friends for life, myriad collaborators who grew me as an artist, 1 grateful heart and 1 massive THANK YOU. What a ride!"

Unsurprisingly, the episodes head to Hulu first. Disney does own both Hulu and ABC. The series still heads to Netflix once all episodes of the season have aired, so we have a bit of a wait on our hands.

Let's get the most shocking casting news out of the way first. According to a Deadline (opens in new tab) report, Ellen Pompeo is scheduled to only be in eight episodes this upcoming season as Dr. Meredith Grey. This development comes as it's also been announced that the actress is set to star in the upcoming Hulu limited series Orphan. Pompeo has appeared in all of the episodes so far in season 19. While a final episode hasn't been announced, fans are starting to speculate about Meredith's exit.

Season 18 was one of the most compelling seasons to date. With the status of the hospital at stake, the intensity of drama rose to new levels. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), the chief, began to feel the laden pressures of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital heavy on her shoulders. Desperate to do anything to save the hospital but incapable, she fell apart piece by piece. By the final episode, the cracks showed as she stood hapless before the bullet train of disaster ran amok. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), who found the twinges of love resurface and an ache for change, set her sights on newer shores. Webber (James Pickens Jr.) felt the shift of endings as he struggled to grasp the possibility of finality. Relationships were shifted and reshuffled.

Besides being one of the most heartbreaking seasons, it could also be of the most nostalgic seasons to date. Knowing that Pompeo will be in season 19 gives fans a slight relief. However, that is minimized by her decision to noticeably reduce the number of episodes she will appear in. According to sources, Pompeo will only appear in eight episodes. And if the number of episodes stays concurrent with its average of 20-25, she will only be in a quarter of the season. This is enough to signify that Grey may be nearing the end of her run at Grey Sloan.

However, nothing is more bitter than the sudden death of a loved one who appears to be on the mend. Given that, this season could also see the death of Webber's wife especially given the premonitory eulogy she asks from her son and April (Sarah Drew) in the final episode of season 18. If Catherine dies, this could precipitate Webber's death. This would not only be heartbreaking but a poetic farewell for Dr. Webber. Conversely, he could retract back into his mental fog, indicating the onset of Alzheimer's, which would be an even more heartrending end and invoke a comparison to the last days and loss of his first love, Meredith's mother, Dr. Grey.

Though the star often discusses the possible end of the long running medical drama, she officially signed on for season 19 in January 2022. However, the following August, TVLine reported that she will only appear in eight episodes. Grey's Anatomy typically has between 20 and 24 episodes each season. 041b061a72


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