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[S2E19] Back To Normal ^HOT^

In Zoom's refuge, Caitlin is tied to a bed, away from the cells. She will not eat, in any event, when Zoom attempts to get her to. She requests that he removes the cover, and Hunter Zolomon hurries off the whole Zoom outfit for customary garments. He demands that he won't hurt Caitlin, he adores her. Be that as it may, he is tossed when she calls him Hunter rather than Jay. He recalls his grieved adolescence, yet snaps back, and reveals to Caitlin that he cherishes her, and she will adore him again as well. He discharges her chains, permitting her to glance around. After he leaves, Caitlin strolls through the den. In one cell she sees the veiled man. In another is Killer Frost.

[S2E19] Back to Normal

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Barry sees his suit once more. He is joined by Harry. Barry realizes he can't spare Caitlin without his forces. Harry clarifies why Grey hijacked him, and how it caused him to understand that he never paid for all the tumult he caused on his own reality. Harry needs to offer reparations by aiding Barry get back his speed. He needs to cause another atom smasher to detonate.

The more I look back at the events of The Flash Season 2 Episode 18, the more I dislike what was done. It was even unlike The Flash team to aim at stopping a metahuman with intent to harm, and that's what they did with Griffin Grey due to lack of powers.

Iris and Joe had Barry's back, and didn't let him take the fall for what they considered their joint decision. Since no other options were ever laid out on the table about what to do to get Wally back, that was nice of them.

There better be a good explanation for that when that mask is removed. He looked so pathetic in that cage, and now that Hunter is heading back to Earth-1 to conquer it, who's going to feed the poor guy? Maybe he doesn't need food. Maybe there's not a human head under there.

Now that he feels he's really a part of the team and apparently ready to claim his share of bad decisions, Harry thinks the best way to get Barry's speed back is to create another particle accelerator explosion.

The episode begins as Barry narrates what it's like for the people of Central City on a normal day. It was all a dream of him speeding through life, however, when he wakes up it's the bus and waiting in line for coffee. He is truly a normal guy.

He says that Killer Frost tried to kill her and he should thank her. Caitlyn says she just wants to leave and asks him to take her back to her Earth. Zoom says if she wants to go home they can go, he plans on conquering Earth-1. Barry is in the lab early and Wells meets him there.

Barry asks him what he meant and Wells says he can't forget about what he has done, Wells says he is going to help Barry get his speed back by creating another particle accelerator explosion.

I was really impressed to see Caitlin getting to meet her Earth-2 counterpart, Killer Frost, as it was really hard to know how it was going to turn out. Seeing Danielle Panabaker playing double duties was really neat and fun since it has been a while since an Earth-1 character met their counterpart on Earth-2. While I knew it would never happen, a part of me kept imagining that at some point, Frost would kill our Caitlin and somehow make it back to Earth-1 and disguising herself as their Caitlin. Instead, we get to the disappointing moment where Zoom kills her, even though I get his reasons since she tried to kill Caitlin. As we have been seeing several female characters being killed off lately on TV, it definitely got more than annoying that they had to kill Killer Frost off.

Ever the street-smart Cisco (Carlos Valdes) devises a way for Barry to get his speed back. In the promo, the brilliant engineer informs Barry that he can absorb one of Grey's punches, which in turn will hopefully give him a little speed. However, any more than one punch and Barry becomes a "human piÃata," according to Cisco.

Lincoln Li-Wilson (Matt Arnold): Link's big aspiration is to play soccer, but his backup aspiration is to be a scientist, specifically Kevin Costner's character from Waterworld because he wants to make pee into water.

Cornerback Kendall Fuller joins this week's episode of The Player's Club alongside London Fletcher and Santana Moss! They discuss the success of Washington's secondary, playing alongside your brothers in the big leagues and Kendall's big plays.

Linebacker Jamin Davis joins The Player's Club alongside Santana Moss and special guest Fred Smoot. They discuss Davis' second year in the league, scoring a pick-six against his college rival, and his love of NASCAR.

"Mother's Day" is the twenty-seventh episode of Futurama, the fourteenth of the second production season and the nineteenth of the second broadcast season. It aired on 14 May, 2000, on Fox. On Mother's Day, Mom initiates a takeover of Earth, with her control of the robots, the Planet Express crew along with her sons launch a mission to stop her by getting her back with her old love, the Professor.

Because all hover cars are rebelling, Fry decides to reinvent the wheel so that the crew plus Mom's sons can get to Mom's cabin in the Bronx. The cart is poorly designed, with wheels that are ellipses instead of circles. Also lacking any propulsion, Fry is forced to pull the cart and its passengers to the Bronx. Once there, the Professor does his best to seduce Mom in order to get at the remote control, but then the situation gets out of control. As the crew grows impatient, especially with robots appearing and trying to kill them all, they flee into the cabin. There they find Mom and the Professor in a post-coital state. Mom is so happy that she decides to end the revolt. Everyone begins to search for Mom's bra, which has the remote in it, eventually locating it hanging on a fan. The fan is reluctant to give it back, as it too is robotic, when Bender and the Greeting Card crash the scene. Mom asks Bender to return the remote, but Bender refuses as she asked him to rebel and proceeds to drink the champagne that the Professor brought. The Greeting Card wants to stop him from drinking, as in the new robot paradise there will be no alcohol. This forces Bender to become a counter-revolutionary and dispose of the card. He manages to return the remote control in time to Mom, who ends the rebellion. Unfortunately, Mom finds out that the whole action was just a plan to get to her remote, and she breaks up with Farnsworth again. Everything turns back to normal, apart from the Albino Shouting Gorillas that Farnsworth has bred to scream his love for Mom from the rooftop of Planet Express.

Thanks to Sky confessing his deep love for her, Bloom manages to use her healing power on everyone affected by Darkar's magic, including herself, thus freeing herself from Darkar's control and returning to normal. She returns the Ultimate Power to Relix and joins her friends in a Charmix Convergence that destroys Lord Darkar and his fortress.

Dark Bloom has the same powers that Bloom had by that moment, although mixed with dark magic. She displayed the basic first-level skill of levitation when turning Timmy upside down in midair. Her magical aura transformed from fiery orange to dark purple. Bloom also seemed to have better reflexes than her normal self, as she dodges all her friends' attacks with ease. In fact, none of the other Winx girls abilities worked on her. Even her bonded Pixie's kiss was unable to break Darkar's spell for long.

And what ultimately drove me to continue in medicine was the fact that my difficulties that happened during the point in time where we're not doing the practice of medicine. And I knew that I enjoyed interacting with patients, and so I felt like I needed to see for myself whether this hang-up was something that would prevent me from being a competent physician or if this was just a temporary setback and that I could actually do this.

J: So I remember at the end of the first unit of first year, my class actually went through a lot of attrition. We lost a lot of students. And I remember coming back and seeing that there were people missing and wondering about them, but kind of feeling bad talking about it with other people because it really felt like gossiping, and it felt . . . it came from a place of concern, but it still didn't quite sit right. I'm fairly exuberant and participatory, so I knew that people would notice that I was gone, and I didn't want them to have that feeling of wondering what was going on. Once it happened, I made a Facebook post for my original class telling them everything that had happened, and I received so much love and support. And then over the course of that year when I was waiting, I actually had a couple of students reach out to me and ask me for advice when they were going through something similar.

Leen: How can we normalize this topic? [...] How can we make it be something that we can all communicate about and bring to light and be able to address and connect and make it safe for everyone to feel, 'Med school's hard and this can happen, but there is a support here and this is something we can all relate to and bring to light'? What would be some ideas or what do you think about normalizing the topic?

Leen: So we come into med school with all these dreams and, you know, aspirations of what we want to be, and then something strange happens to us here where we get funneled into thinking of the system. We think of the numbers. We think of the histograms. We think of class rankings. And it almost, to some extent, can jade us. But I think what's very powerful about your story is that what you fell back on was your dreams. You got tangled in the numbers and you got tangled in the histograms and even the committee asked you questions towards that. But what you fell back on was, 'My dreams are stronger than this. My dreams are stronger than my place on a histogram.' And I think that is very different than a person who only thinks of the numbers and then goes to meet patients, because patients don't understand these things. Patients don't know numbers. Patients don't know class rankings. Patients want to know that they have someone who they can connect with, someone who's down to earth, and someone whose dreams pushes them to be a better person to care about their care. 041b061a72


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