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Thin lines of gold ebb and flow like waves, colliding together at intervals to connect at the touchpoint of a sparkling white diamond. The Diamond Collide Band was designed to illustrate the beauty that comes when two collide.


COLLIDE is a thriller/drama that follows three different couples (including characters played by Kat Graham, Aisha Dee, Jim Gaffigan, and Drea de Matteo) who are in different stages of life and emotional distress. All three couples collide -- literally -- at a restaurant where the past pushes against the present.

This thriller does a great job of engrossing viewers in the various levels of drama inherent in each couple's storyline. That said, some of Collide's elements are a little on the nose -- for instance, the restaurant where the characters collide is literally called Collide, and an advertisement for a cologne named Rage literally explains Peter's (Gaffigan) feelings toward his wife and his life in general. And flipping between the three storylines can feel a tad chaotic at times. 041b061a72


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