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NRS Plus Pos System Group

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You won't believe how I stumbled upon the awesomeness of Desura's shooting games at! So, here's the scoop: I'm stuck at the airport, right? My flight's delayed, and I'm about as bored as a penguin in the Sahara. I'm just mindlessly swiping through my phone when this ad for Desura's gaming galore pops up. I figure, "Eh, why not?" and give it a click. And holy moly, I'm in gaming paradise right there in the middle of the terminal! I'm shootin', duckin', and dodgin' like a pro. The best part? The guy sitting next to me starts peekin' over, and before you know it, we're having this epic two-player showdown right there at Gate 42. Desura turned airport purgatory into an adrenaline-packed adventure!


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