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How To Buy A Used Iphone __EXCLUSIVE__

If you're interested in buying a used iPhone, check out more companies that sell used iOS devices and find one you like. If you're in the market for iPhones and other types of smartphones, check our list of the best places to buy phones.

how to buy a used iphone

iPhone is arguably one of the most sought-after smartphones. However, if you are tight on budget, you can buy a used device at a significantly lower price. After all, a brand new iPhone could be expensive, and Apple rarely discounts new models.

Buying a used iPhone is not entirely free of risks. However, with specific checks, you can reduce the risk considerably. It is also important to buy a used iPhone from a reputed source. Before searching online, consider reaching out to family and friends. Ask if they are selling their iPhones.

Confused over which used iPhone to buy? Newer used iPhones carry a lower risk. If you are looking for trouble-free ownership, relatively new iPhones make a lot of sense. A used iPhone with a warranty is icing on the cake. iPhones can last for as long as 6-7 years, considering it is taken care of.

Apple lets you check warranty details, service, and support coverage. Head over to this site and enter the used iPhone serial number. Repairs and Service Coverage will be active if the used iPhone is within warranty. You can also see the estimated expiration date and set up a repair whenever needed.

Suppose the seller refuses to hand over any of the documents. It should set alarm bells ringing. Lastly, pay for the used iPhone with PayPal or a credit card. That way, there is a record of the transaction. If anything goes wrong, you can ask the bank to refund the payment.

iCloud activation lock helps people protect their iPhones. Once the lock is activated, you will not be able to use the device. It is very important to check the activation lock before buying a used iPhone.

Hardware issues are often expensive to fix. It is also very difficult to detect hardware issues with a visual inspection. I would suggest contacting Apple support and asking them to remotely run a diagnostics. You can decide whether to buy the used iPhone after performing a hardware test.

The majority of iPhones sold after 2006 come equipped with Liquid Contact Indicators. Typically, the LCI would activate only when it comes with water or other liquids. It is not sensitive to humidity and temperature changes. With the help of an indicator, you can check whether the used iPhone has water damage.

If you're interested in saving money on an iPhone, a used phone can save you hundreds of dollars. However, you can't just look at an iPhone and know that it's working properly; you can't see the corrosion inside of a phone with water damage or if a phone's battery will only last for five hours before dying. iPhones still use lithium-ion batteries and battery degradation is a problem after a couple of years. So you need to buy from a seller that's transparent about how the phone has been tested and refurbished, and will back up their products with a return policy and warranty.

You also need to be realistic in your expectations of a discount. If you're looking for an iPhone 13, most discounts are less than $50, as of the writing of this article, which makes buying used not worth it. The best deals are on iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models. They're new enough that battery life isn't a pressing concern, but old enough to come at a significant discount. You can go for an older model to save more, but unless the battery has been replaced, you should factor in an extra $69 to replace the battery.

When you buy a used iPhone, don't expect all of the accessories to come in the box (or a box at all); most just come with a charging cable. Read the fine print on the product description to know what you're getting before you buy.

Carriers also offer used devices, at least in theory. However, when I researched the inventory for this story, there were no used iPhones available from AT&T or T-Mobile, and only a small selection on Verizon. If you can find a used iPhone from your preferred carrier, they do offer pretty good protection plans. Verizon certified pre-owned devices come with a 90-day limited warranty and are eligible for their 30-day return policy and phone insurance. AT&T and T-Mobile have certified pre-owned device programs that offer a 90-day limited warranty and 14-day return window.

After researching the options, I recommend three sites for buying a used iPhone: Amazon, Back Market, and Decluttr. All check to make sure the iPhone is stolen, all have return policies, all have warranties, and all post their refurbishing process, including the level of physical imperfections you can expect and battery capacity relative to a new battery.

If you take precautions, buying a used iPhone can be a great way to save money. If you buy through a private seller online, meet up in a safe place. Your regional police services may offer a Buy and Sell Safe Exchange Zone close to police stations and under surveillance by video.

Smart shoppers can buy a used iPhone model for a fraction of the original price. You can opt for a refurbished model through your phone carrier, or even turn to private sellers on sites like eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist.

A premium reseller like Mobile Klinik sells certified pre-owned iPhone and Android smartphones in addition to repairing your old device. As an authorized in-warranty repair shop for popular brands including Apple, Samsung, Google, and LG, these used smartphones receive premium or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts during refurbishing.

Mobile Klinik regularly trains its certified technicians on all new models, so used iPhones bought at Mobile Klinik can be as good as new and come with a full one-year warranty on parts. Another option is to buy a refurbished iPhone directly from the Apple Store, but the selection is smaller and often costs hundreds more.

With the money you save on buying a used cell phone, Mobile Klinik can further protect your purchase. Add a protective case starting at $24.99, and change it out at any time for $10 through its Case Club. Buy a screen protector, and a Mobile Klinik technician will install it for you. After a year, you can replace it with a new one for just $10.

It's easy enough to go through the process, using the Gadgets for Gift Cards link. The used iPhone 6 we bought from Walmart netted a $125 offer, 34 percent of what we paid, which was the lowest return from any reseller. Interestingly, the phone was tied to Straight Talk. Had we tried selling back an unlocked phone or one tied to AT&T or Verizon, Walmart would have given us $160 in credit.

We paid $599.99 for an iPhone 6 that arrived in a sealed box (for an iPhone 6s oddly) but with no earbuds included, the only used phone we bought that was missing an item. That didn't affect my trade-in price; when I turned in my iPhone for resale, the Best Buy clerk said I didn't need to include accessories. But Best Buy's offer was the second-lowest return from any reseller: just a $208 gift card, or 35 percent of what we paid for the iPhone.

Our testing of reseller services focused primarily on selling a used iPhone, because that's where you're likely to experience the greatest amount of variance, from the money you get back for your phone to the simplicity of the resale process. In contrast, shopping for a used iPhone from these sites is a pretty similar experience, though there are a few differences worth noting.

In terms of selection, you'll generally find each service offers a wide degree of smartphone models and capacities. In our search for a used iPhone 6, we found that models tied to AT&T and Verizon were plentiful while T-Mobile and Sprint devices were in shorter supply. Amazon, Glyde and Swappa offered the widest range of phones in terms of carriers and capacities.

Used iPhone shoppers will find the best range of prices at Swappa, though lower-priced phones are likely to have been well-used. Glyde, Gazelle, GameStop and Amazon also offer attractive pricing on used phones depending on what model you're looking for.

We found it easiest to shop for a used iPhone at Glyde and Swappa, which conveniently group iPhone models together, allowing you to drill down to the version you want. Despite its wide selection, Amazon offers very cluttered search results; type in iPhone 6, and you're just as likely to get entries for the 6s, 6s Plus and 6 Plus as you are for the model you want. Walmart and Best Buy feature helpful filters for removing superfluous search results.

We should note that we ran into one quirk when buying our phones from Glyde and GameStop, though that's likely a result of how we ordered our iPhones. Because we bought our phones through our corporate office and shipped them to an editor at another location, both Glyde and GameStop flagged our initial purchases, requiring us to set up a PayPal account to complete the deals. Most shoppers won't run into that problem, though it could flare up if you're buying a used phone as a gift for someone who has a different address than yours.

For the carrier, insert your own SIM card and see if you can send and receive texts without any issue. This will also help you find out if there is a carrier lock that could prevent you from using your SIM card in the used iPhone.

Summary: When iPhone is sweeping the globe for its high reputation, you may also want to follow it. However, it comes to be a little tough if you are having a saving plan. So buying an used iPhone will be a good choice for you. In this page, we will share you some tips about how to buy used iPhone, so you can get a cost-effective old iPhone.

When selecting a used iPhone, the first thing you need to consider is what iPhone type you would like. In the following list, we show you the different iPhone parameters for you to select which one is the exact one you like. 041b061a72