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Und Fitness

The fitness desk oversees the weight floor, cardio deck, circuit deck, and group exercise studios. At the fitness desk, members can schedule fitness assessments and book personal training sessions, as well as learn about how to use the equipment properly. Members can also check out equipment from the fitness desk for free by using their ID card.

und fitness

We review the evidence that supports cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) as an important indicator of current and future health among school-aged children and youth, independent of physical activity levels. We discuss the merit of CRF measurement for population health surveillance and propose the development of CRF guidelines to help support regional, national, and international surveillance efforts.

When it comes to fitness, physical therapy, aerobic exercise, strength training, mountain sports and especially to different themes of health, the store of reviwell offers a comprehensive range of services and possibilities to order and buy all the necessary products you need.

Shop for fitness productsOn one side the area Fitness is covered by products like gymnastic mats to perform for expample pilates and yoga, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, but there are also other different possibilities. Reviwell has everything necessary for each and every athlete to improve him/herself. There are many fitness possibilities to increase your own athleticism und coordination.

Get motivated to move in group fitness classes like Zumba, Barre, or Cycling. Take advantage of discounted personal training to set goals and design a workout plan, or just swipe your ID and get ready to work up a sweat in our weight rooms, fitness centers, and functional training spaces. Learn more about our fitness programs.

Wassergymnastik und Aquafitness jeweils 11.30 und 13.30 Uhr. 4 Stunden Erlebnis- und Sportbad, mit Dampfbad und Whirlpool. Inklusive Nutzung des Badehauses und der Solebecken. Als Durstlöscher erhalten Sie 1 Freigetränk (kleines alk.-freies Getränk, Kaffee oder Tee). Die Durchführung der Wasserkurse während der Thüringer Schulferien, ist von der Auslastung des Erlebnisbades abhängig. 041b061a72


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