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Destination Zero: How John Bannon Revolutionized Self-Working Card Magic

John Bannon Destination Zero.pdf: A Review of the Book

If you are a fan of card magic, you may have heard of John Bannon, a renowned magician and author who has published several books and videos on the subject. His latest book, Destination Zero, is a collection of 25 self-working card tricks that are deceptive, automatic, and turbo-charged. In this article, we will review the book and see what it has to offer for card enthusiasts.

John Bannon Destination Zero.pdf

The main features of the book: self-working card magic, layered construction, subtle principles

One of the most appealing aspects of Destination Zero is that it does not require any sleight-of-hand skills to perform the tricks. All you need are regular cards, without gaffs, crimps, pencil dots, punches, or marks. The tricks are based on subtle principles and clever constructions that make them work by themselves. As John Bannon says in his introduction, his objective is to make "one plus one equal threeor more."

The book is divided into four sections: Warm-Up (five tricks), Miracles (seven tricks), Mental (seven tricks), and Challenge (six tricks). Each section has a different theme and level of difficulty. The tricks range from simple discoveries and predictions to mind-reading and coincidence effects. Some of them are original creations by John Bannon, while others are his variations or improvements on existing effects.

The book is written in a clear and easy-to-read style, with detailed explanations and illustrations. Each trick also has a commentary by John Bannon, where he discusses the method, the motivation, and the presentation of the effect. He also gives tips and suggestions on how to improve or customize the trick to suit your own style and preferences.

The benefits of the book: easy to perform, deceptive, automatic, turbo-charged

The main benefit of Destination Zero is that it allows you to perform amazing card magic without having to worry about complicated moves or techniques. You can focus on your presentation and interaction with your audience, while the cards do all the work for you. The tricks are also very deceptive and surprising, as they use hidden principles and layers that make them seem impossible.

Another benefit of Destination Zero is that it teaches you how to think like a magician and how to create your own effects using simple methods. You will learn how to combine different principles and concepts to achieve powerful results. You will also learn how to analyze and refine your effects to make them more effective and convincing.

A final benefit of Destination Zero is that it inspires you to explore new possibilities and challenges in card magic. You will discover new ways to use cards as tools for entertainment and astonishment. You will also be exposed to different genres and styles of card magic, such as mentalism, gambling, comedy, and storytelling.

The contents of the book: a summary of the 25 tricks included

Here is a brief summary of the 25 tricks included in Destination Zero, along with their main features:




Bluff Oracle Aces I

A free cut finds four Aces.

Self-working, easy, impressive.

Bluff Oracle Aces II

The performer cuts to an Ace; the participant finds the other three.

Self-working, easy, interactive.


A card discovery and a secret cull.

Self-working, easy, versatile.

Petal To The Metal

The participant divines the identity of a predicted card.

Self-working, easy, mysterious.

Four-Sided Gemini

A brand new Gemini Twins variation.

Self-working, easy, surprising.


Cameron Francis Annihilation Deckwithout the deck.

Self-working, easy, clever.


The Diary trickwithout the Diary.

Self-working, easy, classic.

Prophet Motive

The participant shuffles and deals. The prediction cannot be explained.

Self-working, easy, impossible.

The Thirty-Second Sense

Pocket change misses, then finds the participants mental selection.

Self-working, easy, fun.


Two Queens trap a mental selection.

Self-working, easy, elegant.

Second Reckoning

Mental selection is mentally spelled toand found.

Self-working, easy, mind-blowing.


The performer predicts that the participant will miss the target card and by exactly how much.

Self-working, easy, smart.

Tiny Contrary Killer

The participants select a card and think of one. Both have been predictedsort of.

Self-working, easy, humorous.


The participant freely cuts, deals, and stops at a particular card. The performer has predicted it.

Self-working, easy, direct.

Cross Purposes

Mentally-selected card at a chosen number.

Self-working, easy, baffling.

Sort Of Psychic

After a few warm-up exercises, the participant cuts to her genuinely thought-of card.

Self-working, easy, convincing.

Origami Poker Revisited

A fast fold finds (Royal) flush. From High Caliber .

Self-working, easy, visual.

Box Of Doom

Some additional rows for the table are: Name Description Features --- --- --- Box Of Doom Einstein would not have stood a chance. Self-working, easy, mathematical. Free Willy The participant shuffles, cuts, makes a few free choices. Esmeralda knows. Self-working, easy, mysterious. Matchismo The performer and participant each shuffle and cutand find matching cards. The three digit number has been predicted. Self-working, easy, coincidental. The Koko Test After a short pop psychology test, the participant has cut to a subliminally-selected card. Self-working, easy, psychological. Nationwide Four freely selected cards match the States of four US quarterssort of. Self-working, easy, humorous. Dead Reckoning A mental poker deal with a kicker ending. Self-working, moderate, impressive. AK-47 A four-of-a-kind production with a twist. Self-working, moderate, visual. Fractal Re-Call A multi-phase recall test with a surprise finale. Self-working, moderate, engaging. Big Bad Add A spectator as mind reader effect with a large number revelation. Self-working, moderate, mind-blowing. Power Of Poker A poker-themed prediction with multiple climaxes. Self-working, moderate, powerful. The feedback of the book: what other magicians and reviewers have said about it

Destination Zero has received rave reviews from many magicians and reviewers who have praised its quality and originality Some of the quotes from magicians and reviewers who have praised Destination Zero are:

  • "Whats great about Destination Zero is the way that John has wrung every ounce of deviousness from the underlying methods and principles of these tricks." - Michael Close,

  • "These effects are not mathematical monstrosities; rather, they are cleverly constructed card tricks that anyone can do. If you want to add some self-working material to your repertoire, then John Bannons Destination Zero is a good place to start." - Peter Duffie, Magic Magazine

  • "You know, as I get older, my ability to impress an audience with brute sleight of hand, wanes ever so slightly with each passing day; and the thought of that inevitable day when my decline will be glaringly obvious to even the uninitiated is a source of gnawing depression. But then I remember the Bannon stuff, and I get a warm happy feeling. Thanks to Johns material, not only will they think I'm still good, they might even think I'm getting better!! Sooner or later, everyone does Bannon." - Jack Carpenter

  • "John Bannon has done it again! He has created a collection of brilliant self-working card effects that will make you look like a card genius. Destination Zero is a must-have for anyone who loves smart, easy and powerful card magic." - Richard Sanders

  • "A magician is someone who can make the impossible possible. John Bannon is someone who can make the impossible easy. Destination Zero is a treasure trove of self-working wonders that will astonish and delight your audiences." - David Acer

Conclusion: A final verdict on the book and where to get it

In conclusion, Destination Zero is a fantastic book for anyone who loves card magic and wants to learn some amazing tricks that do not require any sleights or moves. John Bannon has proven once again that he is a master of creating simple but powerful effects that rely on clever principles and constructions. The book is well-written, well-illustrated, and well-explained, with plenty of tips and insights from John himself.

If you are interested in getting Destination Zero, you can order it from various online magic shops, such as Vanishing Inc Magic, Big Blind Media, or Squash Publishing. You can also download a free ebook version of the book from, where you can read it online or on your device. However, we recommend getting the hardcover edition if you want to enjoy the full quality and beauty of the book.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in card magic, you will find something valuable and enjoyable in Destination Zero. It is a book that will challenge your thinking, inspire your creativity, and enhance your performance. It is not just a destination, it's a journey. Enjoy the ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers about Destination Zero:

  • Q: Do I need any special cards or props to perform the tricks?A: No, you don't need any special cards or props. All you need are regular cards, without gaffs, crimps, pencil dots, punches, or marks.

  • Q: Do I need any advanced skills or techniques to perform the tricks?A: No, you don't need any advanced skills or techniques. All the tricks are completely self-working and do not require any sleights or moves.

  • Q: How difficult are the tricks to perform?A: The tricks vary in difficulty from easy to moderate. Some of them are very simple and straightforward, while others require some practice and attention to detail. However, none of them are too hard or complicated.

  • Q: How long are the tricks?A: The tricks vary in length from short to long. Some of them can be done in a few seconds, while others can last several minutes. However, none of them are too long or boring.

  • Q: How entertaining are the tricks?A: The tricks are very entertaining and surprising. They have different themes and styles, such as comedy, mystery, coincidence, mentalism, and storytelling. They also have different climaxes and twists that will keep your audience engaged and amazed.



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