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Age of Magic APK - The Most Immersive and Strategic Fantasy Game for Android

Age Of Magic is a magical Android game containing the best heroes to make you feel rich every time. The game starts with the start fighter Roland, and afterward, you can enjoy over 100 legendary heroes like Tricky, Stealthy, Pride, Prook Greasyhair, Shni, Grok, Torak, and Jagg. Moreover, You can unlock super-powered heroes for the more advanced gaming like Troddar Shieldbearer, Raarspit, and the Arekhonian Blood Mage for enjoying their extreme attacks. It's a challenging Android game where you're needed to collect each hero's shards and unlocking them. These shards are damn rare, and most of the heroes need hundreds of shards to get unhitched for the first time. Afterward, You can also upgrade them, enhancing their Hit Points, Armor, Magic Damage resistance, basic damage, basic magic damage, and critical damage.

Apart from the considerable damage, You can also enjoy every hero's enhanced damage to make more influential damage than the other rivals. It's a free feature embedded inside the Age Of Magic MOD APK to make your attacks potent enough for enthusiastic gaming and crashing all your enemies simply. So Stop struggling, and start magical thinking!

age of magic apk

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Age Of Magic brings a chaotic setting in a magical world ruined by the onslaught of chaotic creatures. The beautiful things of the past have given way to a cold land surrounded by endless darkness. However, according to the prophecy of the ancient dragon race, powerful magicians will soon appear to save the current situation. Despite possessing enormous power, this is not a simple mission for the ultimate mages. Your task is to gather the best people to fight monsters in each stage.

Age Of Magic is waiting for you to join the intense battle with chaotic creatures. It is very difficult to save the beautiful magical land in this game, you just have to do your best in the battles you participate in to feel joy. Besides, the MOD version on our website will give you great perks to be ready to beat all opponents.

Welcome to the fantastic magic turn-based game and era of mages, knights and dragons - now you can play one of the best adventure games for free! Form your own squad of 5 heroes and discover their magic stories in Campaign mode, defeat other players in unforgettable PvP battles to reach the top of the Arena or Tournament, and prove your skills in the infamous Tomb of Horrors: a grim lair easy to enter, but hard to leave alive!

Immerse yourself into the epic world of this magic adventure game. Age of Magic is your way into the magic world full of heroism, war, rush, treachery, wizardry, and experience of untold wonder. Join this fantasy RPG game today to drown your foes with your might and become the true legend of the realm.

Age of magic is a fantasy type role playing game. It is also a very famous game on the internet that's why it has so many downloaders which are enjoying this game. You will find some really amazing modes with many powerful characters. This game has best optimization for both android and IOS. Enter in the world of mysteries and magic where you have to face many dangerous enemies which are waiting for you to enter. Explore and discover different dark secrets of magical world. Features of this game are quite interesting.

This game has some really cool heroes which you have to unlock one by one. It has more than 60 heroes and every single hero has magical powers and abilities. Also there is an Upgradation option for your hero so you can update them with best powers and techniques. Get powerful dangerous weapons for your protection.

If you want to download hack version of this game then you need to download Mod version of this game. You can easily get it from the website so just download and install it on your mobile to play hack version of this game.Q. Is age of magic game is free or paid?No! This game is not paid so you can easily download this game from both Google play store and Apple store. Enjoy your game for free of cost.Q. How to reset age of magic game?First go the setting of your mobile and open apps then find this game. After this you need to clear the data of your game. Then you will be able to play this game from the beginning. 4.54 / 5 ( 63 votes )Recommended for YouMARVEL Super War Apk

Age of Magic: Turn-Based RPG, or simply Age of Magic, is a free role-playing game where you embark on an adventure filled with magic. You can play in campaigns and finish storylines, or choose other modes where you can go against other players, complete quests, and accomplish challenges.

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Since Age of Magic's gameplay is turn-based and requires little skill, it's very accessible to players. The game's match is also played on a tactical mechanic where players decide to attack and their opponent decides to attack. In order to win the round, the player must finish all three rounds. During that time, the enemy has been eliminated. Additionally, characters possess skills useful in each round. Skills are located on the right side of the screen. These skills include both standard attacks and special abilities. Most special abilities need to wait for a cooldown before they can be used again. Because of this, players can choose different strategies by choosing how they approach each battle. Each round in a match requires them to complete multiple battles. Roland starts out with many skills that both defend against attacks and attack enemies. His magical powers let him attack enemies and erect magical walls to defend himself from future attacks. After a certain level, Roland acquires more characters in different ways.

Aside from Story Mode, Age of Magic offers many additional game modes that players can discover on their own. One of the most popular is Player vs. Player mode; in this game mode, players use their armies to fight against other players. The leaderboard determines their rank. Players can earn materials to improve their characters by performing different exercises in Treasure Valley and Scary Tomb modes. Two main game modes are also available; one is called Treasure Valley, and the other is called Tomb. These creatures hide in places previously unknown to the story. Discovering and defeating them all will grant you incredible rewards. A beautiful, magical land is cursed. It needs to be saved from the evil villain who commands an army of minions. A thankless job requires accomplishing many tasks with the help of the continent's greatest mages. You can never take a break from conflict. Use your intelligence to choose your battles.eate the ultimate tactics. Find the way to peace for the land in Age of Magic mod.

During Age of Madness and after, some humans learned to use the nanocytes in their blood to affect the world around them in various ways. At some point, both humanity and nature on Irth ended up saturated with nanocytes, enabling any human to potentially affect the world around them with willpower and training. Because the nanocytes are far beyond human understanding, even if most knowledge of technology had not been lost during the Madness; for most these abilities became known as magic.

Many of the subsets "schools" of magic are similar in many parts of the world. This is partially due to the influence of Ezekiel, who traveled to many regions of the world and taught the peoples there how to improve their nanocytes to make their lives better. While someone uses power, their eyes change color according to which type of effect is being utilized Some of the more common schools of talents are:

Any fan or RPGs will be delighted to be able to play Age of Magic. It brings together all the essential elements that have to appear in a video game of this nature: magical creatures such as elves, fairies or dragons, epic heroes, wizards...

The Age of Magic is an outstanding fantasy game that lets you explore a world filled with magic and mystery. You will enter the realism of magic as you create your own unique character, customizing the look and feel to fit your style. With engaging stories, vibrant characters, and captivating visuals, this promising adventure provides a truly immersive experience.

One of the best things that I like most about this game is that it provides us with chances to participate in special fantasy events. The game offers players the chance to become powerful heroes in magical worlds filled with adventure, danger, and, most importantly, fun.

Download and play Age of Magic: Turn-Based Magic RPG & Strategy on PC with NoxPlayer! Age of Magic is a new mobile turn-based fantasy Role Playing Game(RPG) about legions of epic heroes fighting on the remnants of an ancient magical world. NoxPlayer is the best emulator to play Age of Magic: Turn-Based Magic RPG & Strategy on PC. You can download Age of Magic: Turn-Based Magic RPG & Strategy apk in here and find Age of Magic: Turn-Based Magic RPG & Strategy gameplay and guide on our blog.

Immerse your self into the epic world of this magic journey sport. Age of Magic is your approach into the magic world stuffed with heroism, conflict, rush, treachery, wizardry, and expertise of untold marvel. Be a part of this fantasy RPG sport immediately to drown your foes along with your would possibly and develop into the true legend of the realm.

BlueStacks app player is the ideal platform (emulator) for playing this Android game on your PC or Mac for a truly immersive gaming experience. At this huge turned-based fantasy RPG, magic is the fundamental rule.

Monsters and creatures from the chaos have taken over a ruined world. Now it is just a cold land, and darkness covers everything. Hope seems to have been extinguished, but it still seems to shine. According to the dragon prophecy, the chosen magicians will be the saviors of this land. Bring this land back to its original beauty. It is not an easy task to perform. You could be the last mage in that prophecy.


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