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Tom Clancys Splinter Cell REPACK

On September 16, 2020, it was announced at Facebook Connect that a virtual reality version of the series is coming exclusively to the Oculus VR platform, along with an Assassin's Creed game. They are set to be developed by Red Storm Entertainment.[3] On July 21, 2022, the VR Splinter Cell game was cancelled.[55]

Tom Clancys Splinter Cell

With the encryption key, the NSA discover that Nikoladze has been using a network of unconventional relays to communicate with Georgian military cells. Tracing the full relay network back to the Chinese embassy in Yangon, Myanmar, Fisher is sent in discreetly to investigate. Fisher discovers from captured U.S. soldiers and high-ranking Chinese diplomats that Nikoladze is working alongside a rogue collective of Chinese soldiers led by General Kong Feirong, after rescuing them from being executed on a live web broadcast. After killing Grinko in a firefight when he attempts to kill the Americans and Chinese, Fisher moves to capture Feirong for information on Nikoladze's location. After preventing him from committing suicide in a drunken stupor, Feirong reveals that Nikoladze had fled back to Georgia in order to activate a device codenamed "The Ark".

Defense Ministry, T'bilisi, Georgia: Arriving at the Georgian Ministry of Defense, Fisher begins the search for Grinko, to find out why Blaustein and Madison were killed. Fisher first encounters and interrogates Grinko's personal driver, Hamlet. The latter reveals that Grinko is former-Spetznaz, now a mercenary and is shortly meeting a computer geek called Philip Masse in the elevator overlooking the Ministry courtyard. With this info, Fisher delves deeper into the interior, and locates Grinko and Masse meeting in the elevator. Using his Laser Mic, Fisher is able to secretly eavesdrop on their conversation and hears the two discussing Blaustein and Madison briefly. They then hint that Nikoladze is conducting some kind of top-secret operation in Azerbaijan, and that Nikoladze has evidence stored on his office computer. To uncover what they're hiding, Fisher infiltrates Nikoladze's personal office and has Anna Grímsdóttir, Third Echelon's technical expert, hack into the computer via satellite. The Ministry's security detects the hack and cuts Grímsdóttir's access, sending the building into alert. She hacks in again however, and retrieves the rest of the data, which reveals that Nikoladze has secretly been waging an ethnic-cleansing campaign in Azerbaijan, which is still ongoing by cells of the Georgian military. Fisher fights his way out of the building and escapes via helicopter, piloted by Third Echelon field runner Vernon Wilkes, Jr. The data that Grímsdóttir gained is further analyzed in full detail by the National Security Agency. The detected intrusion at the Ministry forces Nikoladze to go into underground hiding. He then kick-starts his campaign into full action: the Georgian military cells now start murder rampages throughout Azerbaijan. NATO sends troops into the affected areas in an effort to stop the attempted genocide, and to locate Nikoladze. During this chaos, the NSA notice, in the data retrieved from the Ministry, that a Georgian military cell stationed on an oil rig on the Caspian Sea has been exchanging data with the Georgian Presidential Palace, speculating it is of considerable significance; and thus Fisher is sent there to retrieve the data.

Kalinatek, Langley, Virginia: Because Grímsdóttir's hack was detected by those at Kalinatek, the troops in the building are attempting to destroy any evidence that could lead to Nikoladze, including their computer technicians. Grímsdóttir intercepts a 911 call made from a technician called Ivan inside the building, who states that his life is in danger, and he will help the American government in exchange for rescue. He tells her that he is safe for now as he has closed the fire doors surrounding him but they won't hold forever. This new information necessitates an emergency mission to the Kalinatek building and Fisher has to move fast to find Ivan before he is found and killed. However, he is forced to make several detours when the troops plant mines throughout the building on vital parts of the structure, and a bomb is armed on the gas pipes in the main utility room. After deactivating all of these explosives, Fisher stumbles across a dying technician, who tells him that Ivan must be on the fifth floor. Lambert then tells Fisher that the FBI will collect Ivan and all he needs is Ivan's encryption key. Fisher locates Ivan hiding in the bathroom, and saves his life by killing his attacker. Ivan is anxious to leave with Fisher but Fisher just demands the encryption key from him. Reluctantly, Ivan hands over his encryption key. Fisher shoots his way out of the Kalinatek and escapes via The Osprey as FBI agents come to take over the scene and take Ivan into custody. Using the encryption key, the NSA discovers that Nikoladze has been using a network of unconventional relays to communicate with the Georgian military cells. Grímsdóttir manages to trace one of these data streams back to the Nadezhda Nuclear Power Plant in northern Russia, but due to the electronic noise surrounding the plant, is unable to trace the data any further; thus Fisher is sent to shut the power plant down.

Following intelligence gained from Nouri, Fisher goes to London to uncover Engineer sleeper cell activity. Briggs again provides sniper fire while Fisher infiltrates an abandoned mill. He collects intel pointing towards Iran and reaches a garage where the guards load unknown cargo. Sam puts a tracker in the cargo which turns out to be a disperse system bomb for a variant of VX nerve gas. Due to him opening the device Fisher gets poisoned but the chemical takes a while before it affects Sam. He continues the mission when he learns Sadiq might be at the site. The nerve gas soon kicks in fully and Sam is captured by Sadiq. The leader interrogates Sam but before long Briggs comes to rescue Fisher. Sam orders to go after Sadiq but Briggs instead makes sure they reach the extraction point. This angers Fisher and he proclaims it was Briggs' last mission.

Infiltrate terrorist cells by using new gadgets such as the upgraded snake cam and micro tri-rotor drone which allows Sam to scout ahead, mark targets remotely, distract enemies, or explode with frag grenade force. Fan favorites also make a return such as the sticky shocker, and for close quarters combat, players can wield the curved and brutal Karambit knife.

Splinter Cell is a third-person action game with a focus on stealth, similar to the Metal Gear Solid series. The player takes on the role of Sam Fisher, an operative for the secret organization NSA Black Operation, part of the U.S. government. The organization deals with very sensitive missions, often taken on by a Third Echelon splinter cell division Fisher is part of. His missions are so discreet, that if he is captured the government will deny any such existence of that organization. 041b061a72


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