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Nectar Of The Gods UPDATED

In ancient Greek mythology, the gods drank ambrosia, a divine beverage said to confer longevity or immortality. Within the world of the Crow Indians, the Nectar of the Gods was a simpler concept, one so abundant that many would not see its significance.

Nectar of the Gods

In Vedic times, Soma was a plant given as an offering to the gods. There was great mysticism and spiritual power surrounding the plant. So much so that it was considered a deity in its own right leading many to search for the true identity of this revered plant.

In yogic and spiritual practices, Soma is a nectar secreted from the pineal gland during deep states of meditation. This amrita is thought to drip down and mingle with the heart chakra, aligning the heart and mind. Soma at a yogic level refers to the crown chakra, which is opened by Indra (yogic insight) and releases a flood of bliss throughout the body. This inner Soma is the main subject of the Vedic hymns, though outer Somas were also important.1 041b061a72


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