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whatsapp is simple to use and it is a convenient way of staying in touch with your contacts, right from your mobile. you can send messages, pictures, videos, locations, reminders, links, voice messages, audio, and files from whatsapp for free.

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im here to repair your computer :). other features include viewing and editing windows directory views, system configuration, network monitor and registry editing. the software also comes with many other features which support windows security features such as maintaining access control lists (acl), information access control (iac) and auditing.

the winip feature is quite great in that it can enable a computer to remain connected to the internet even when the computer is switched off. it also enables users to access dynamic or dynamic public ip addresses as soon as possible. the winip feature has other beneficial functions such as personal ip address management, recordable ip, recordable proxy, web proxy, test port (tcp port check), test connection.

winip features are similar to the network tools listed below. apart from using the winip package, you can also use other network tools like netstat -a, network tools and nslookup to track proxy, dns and so on.

tcp, udp, icmp, ping, http, ftp, ssh, smtp, rtsp, dns, finger, gopher, wins, zeroconf, fast, bootp, rip, bootp, rip-ip, rpc, naptr, din-arc, hosts, bootp, rip-pat, hosts, nbt, tftp, netbios, ping, snmp, python, w3c, gopher, sni, sip, sctp, proxy, ldap, gopher, soap, ssh, rdp, socks

additionally, it allows you to check for proxy, dns, track public ip addresses, record public ip addresses, record personal ip addresses, test connections, test port (tcp port check), or connect to a site.


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