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Leaflet 2021

Background: A finding of reduced aortic-valve leaflet motion was noted on computed tomography (CT) in a patient who had a stroke after transcatheter aortic-valve replacement (TAVR) during an ongoing clinical trial. This finding raised a concern about possible subclinical leaflet thrombosis and prompted further investigation.


Results: Reduced leaflet motion was noted on CT in 22 of 55 patients (40%) in the clinical trial and in 17 of 132 patients (13%) in the two registries. Reduced leaflet motion was detected among patients with multiple bioprosthesis types, including transcatheter and surgical bioprostheses. Therapeutic anticoagulation with warfarin, as compared with dual antiplatelet therapy, was associated with a decreased incidence of reduced leaflet motion (0% and 55%, respectively, P=0.01 in the clinical trial; and 0% and 29%, respectively, P=0.04 in the pooled registries). In patients who were reevaluated with follow-up CT, restoration of leaflet motion was noted in all 11 patients who were receiving anticoagulation and in 1 of 10 patients who were not receiving anticoagulation (P

Conclusions: Reduced aortic-valve leaflet motion was shown in patients with bioprosthetic aortic valves. The condition resolved with therapeutic anticoagulation. The effect of this finding on clinical outcomes including stroke needs further investigation. (Funded by St. Jude Medical and Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute; Portico-IDE number, NCT02000115; SAVORY registry, NCT02426307; and RESOLVE registry, NCT02318342.).

A B-52 Stratofortress assigned to the 419th Flight Test Squadron is loaded with eight PDU-5/B leaflet bombs underneath the left wing June 21, 2017. The PDU-5/B is a repurposed Cluster Bomb Unit used to release leaflets (paper cut into a specific size). Leaflets are generally dropped during U.S. military psychological operations overseas. (U.S. Air Force photo/Christopher Okula)

Home PregnancyHub For health professionals Leaflet and banner: Feeling your baby move is a sign that they are well Download the leafletThe 'Feeling your baby move is a sign that they are well' leaflet was developed by Tommy's and NHS England with support from other charities.

The data argument is only needed if you are going to referencevariables in this object later in map layers. For example, data can bea data frame containing columns latitude and longtitude, thenwe may add a circle layer to the map by leaflet(data) %>%addCircles(lat = latitude, lng = longtitude), where the variables in theformulae will be evaluated in the data.

The How to Fit a Facemask leaflet is designed to be handed out by agencies, along with facemasks*. It is available in English, Spanish, Bahasa Indonesia and Filipino. Please click on the flags, below, to download. An accompanying video is also available. More detailed information can also be found at:

New York State's Public Health Law Section 2803-j, Information on Maternity Patients, requires each hospital and birth center to offer a printed or photocopied form and distribute the informational leaflet at the time of pre-booking directly to each prospective maternity patient and, upon request, to the general public. The following link to the law outlines the details of the law: New York State Public Health Law: 2803-j, Information for Maternity Patients

The leaflet must also contain statistics related to the percentage of specified, maternity-related procedures at the individual facility. Facilities can access leaflets and their most recent (2014 data) facility childbirth services statistics by logging into the Department's Health Commerce System (HCS), or by linking onto the Hospital Profiles site, clicking on the facility and the Maternity tab at the following link: NYS Hospital Profiles.

Add a line to the map by adding [leaflet-line]. You can specify the postions with a list separated by semi-colon ; or bar using lat/lng: [leaflet-line latlngs="41, 29; 44, 18"] or addresses: [leaflet-line addresses="Istanbul; Sarajevo"], or x/y coordinates for image maps.

Yes! Convert the default marker into an svg with a shortcode like this: [leaflet-marker svg color="white" iconClass="fab fa-wordpress-simple" background="red"] The iconClass is perfect for adding a font-awesome icon.

Yes, just give it a source URL: [leaflet-geojson src=" "] It will also support leaflet geojson styles or styles. Add a popup message with [leaflet-geojson popup_text="hello!"], or add HTML by adding it to the content of the shortcode: [leaflet-geojson]Link here, or use text from a feature property, like title[/leaflet-geojson] or identify a geojson property with popup_property, and each shape will use its own popup text if available.

This leaflet is designed to bring along to a GP appointment, to help people get a quick referral from their GP to an eating disorders specialist. It has sections giving guidance for the person who has an eating disorder, for people supporting someone with an eating disorder, and for the GP, as well as a space for notes.

The leaflet is a teaching aid for health professionals when discussing the benefits and management of breastfeeding with pregnant women, and when teaching new mothers how to breastfeed. Health professionals may also find our breastfeeding assessment tools and practical skills review forms useful when talking to new mothers.

To enquire about printed copies of this leaflet, please visit the Department of Health & Social Care campaign resource centre. The UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative is unable to assist with printed leaflets for this resource.

Presentation and control of interactive maps for traditional Internet and mobile platforms is now in your hands using leaflet.js. This book is aimed at helping people get started with this awesome JavaScript library. You can download for free or donate if you feel like contributing to further development :-).

Maps and geographic information is the new medium of choice for presenting compelling information and providing location context on the Internet and leaflet.js is an extraordinary library for presentation of maps on a web page.

It's not written for experts. It's put together as a guide to get you started if you're unsure what leaflet.js can do. It reads more like a story as it leads the reader through the basics of a simple map with advice on getting started and the sort of things that will help you expand your knowledge.

As a result, learning how to do cool stuff with maps and Leaflet meant that I accumulated a sizeable number ways to help me out when the going got tricky. Then I realised that these could be useful for others who were trying out leaflet.js and who were at a similar knowledge level.

This leaflet provides information on some aspects of the law on lotteries in Northern Ireland. It is not an authoritative nor a complete statement of the law in this area and is only intended to provide a plain guide to the main requirements of the lottery law.

Today we will define what a leaflet is. We'll explain what it is used for and what the difference is between a leaflet and a pamphlet. Then we'll show you how easy it is to create your very own leaflet using templates from Envato Elements.

Simply put, a leaflet is a small flat or folded sheet with printed matter on one or both sides. But that's not all there is to a leaflet definition. Of course, you are wondering: what is the purpose of a leaflet?

It can be confusing sometimes when you think about the difference between leaflets and pamphlets because the terms are quite similar and are often used interchangeably. But there are some differences. The main points of distinction are the number of sheets used to create them, the quality, and the purpose.

A leaflet is made from a single sheet of paper, sometimes folded, whereas a pamphlet can also be made of several sheets. And while a leaflet tends to be made from cheaper, lower-quality paper, a pamphlet may use higher-quality stock.

And then there's the purpose. A leaflet is often used for advertising or general information about a business or organisation, whereas the purpose of a pamphlet is to inform or educate people about a particular subject. As you can see, the differences are quite subtle, but they do exist. So now you know the difference between a pamphlet and a leaflet!

When you need to create a leaflet, the easiest and most cost-effective way is to use a professionally designed template. Leaflet templates provide you with an aesthetically appealing layout with placeholder text, images, and graphics. When you customise the template, the layout stays locked in place, and you replace the placeholders with your own content. Leaflet templates can be used repeatedly, so you only need to buy a template once.

Though this leaflet template was created primarily for seafood businesses, in reality it can be used for a variety of businesses. The A5 file is fully customisable in Photoshop and is fully resizable without loss of quality if you need a different size.

This modern leaflet template is perfect for any business that needs a clean and professional leaflet to promote its services. It's fully editable in InDesign, so all you need to do is add your own images, text, and colour scheme, and the template is ready to print.

Promote yourself or your brand with this stylish and modern leaflet. The template contains four unique layout pages, so choose the one that works best for you, add your own images, text, and brand colours, and your work is done.

Here's a versatile and eye-catching flyer that's perfect for a range of businesses. The template offers just one side of the leaflet for your design, so choose the information you want to include carefully.

Use this Medical Treatment Leaflet to raise awareness of the services your medical centre provides to the community around it. This is a terrific leaflet to slip into local newspapers or through mailboxes.

Having a Halloween Party? Why not announce it with this fabulous Halloween Flyer? The template contains two different designs in layered and well-organised files that are fully editable in Photoshop. Just swap your images, text, and colour with the placeholders, and you've got a great leaflet ready to distribute. 041b061a72


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