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Michael Flores

ScorpionsThe Very Best Of Scorpion Full Album Zip BEST

A more thoughtful approach meant they kept the best elements from the 80s and finessed these. The Good Die Young featured a sparkling duet between Klaus Meine and Tarja Turunen, and the whole album hummed with purpose.

ScorpionsThe Very Best Of Scorpion Full Album Zip

When the Scorpions announced they intended to revisit old ideas abandoned in the 80s and work them up into songs for a new album, it sounded very desperate. But against all expectations, the plan worked brilliantly.

These scorpions have broad black backs and yellow heads. They are burrowers and very common on the Western Slope. I have seen them on the Plateau, off Dave Wood Road. Their bite, while painful, is not toxic to humans.

The lesser stripe tail scorpion is one you may run across. He is common everywhere from the desert flats and adobe, all the way to the mountain forests. Another burrowing specie, he has a brownish/yellow color with red tips on his appendages and reaches 2 inches in length.

All scorpions are nocturnal predators. Spiders, grasshoppers and stinkbugs are the most common prey. The prey is grabbed with the large claw-like pedipalps and drawn to their mouth where they are ripped apart to fit in the very tiny mouth opening. Most species remain within 50 feet of their burrow.


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