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The Huber Learning Center, developed for Huber Engineered Woods, provides the opportunity for building professionals and interested individuals to earn CEU credits and enhance their knowledge of building science best practices. This LMS is filled with engaging, instructive online content developed for fast, efficient learning through a series of videos, animations and presentations that have been instructionally designed and organized into relevant subjects. Each lesson is self-guided with document downloads available for those wishing to review material or refresh their knowledge offline. Student progress is tracked through successful completion of test material, with certification and AIA credits provided and submitted for select courses.

Download BMI aia

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District Heat Pump Hot Water Heater training site provides training and rebate information to utility customers and installers. Hot water use, water heater efficiency and installation practices training is provided through a series of animated presentations and videos featuring Department of Energy research findings. The site includes a savings calculator that projects estimated monthly and yearly cost savings when a heat pump water heater is installed. The site also provides a listing and comparison of heat pump manufacturers, with incentive and rebate downloads available.

The Texas Energy Code Training Center provides online training and additional resources to help building professionals understand and comply with IECC Residential and Commercial code, as well as IRC Chapter 11 single-family residential construction code as adopted by the State of Texas. Interactive video courses are provided covering a variety of topics, including: compliance with the 2009 IECC and 2009 IRC: Chapter 11, air sealing, and blower door testing. Resources for professionals are also provided as downloadable handouts, reference materials, interactive residential and commercial checklists, and relevant links designed to aid in the compliance process.

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