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Broke Protocol ((EXCLUSIVE))

Year: 2016Offense: While people speculated that the Marvel star broke the rules when he hugged Queen Consort Camilla at a charity event, a spokesperson for Clarence House confirmed to People that there was no breach in protocol.

Broke protocol

Year: 2018Offense: The Oscar winner broke several royal rules when she met at William and Kate at the BAFTA Film Awards. Not only was Janney barefoot, she also called the then-pregnant Duchess an affectionate nickname.

Year: 2009Offense: In her 2018 memoir Becoming, the former first lady detailed the time she broke royal protocol while meeting Queen Elizabeth II, revealing that her majesty didn't seem to mind the slip-up.

The newly minted Duke and Duchess of Sussex are busy adjusting to married life, but it's not so easy for us mere commoners to move on from the royal wedding. The elegant event was a showstopper on every level, from the sweet nods to Princess Diana to Prince Harry being in total awe of his bride. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding day truly stood out among the royal nuptials of the past, and that's thanks in large part to all of the ways the royal wedding broke with tradition.

Weddings in general are steeped in traditions and superstitions. There's the whole borrowing something blue thing, the traditional giving away of the bride, and, of course, the bride and groom not seeing each other on the big day until the bride walks down the aisle lest their marriage be doomed. Royal weddings are even more intense. After all, when the whole world is watching, the pressure to adhere to protocol is strong.

However, Meghan and Harry have been doing things their own way since their relationship began, and their rebellious spirit shone through on their wedding day. Whether it was Meghan making a kickbutt feminist statement or Harry opting to make a special statement of his own, here are all of the ways their royal wedding broke the rules (and was better off for it).

"In that situation, when you approach somebody and there's no hostages and you think he might have a gun, basic protocol is you don't go and get near that individual," Dimoff said. "You don't decrease your distance, and in that situation you should not be in the room and/or near or approaching the subject until you have full view of his hands, you start to get cooperation and you see that the individual is starting to do things that you're asking."

"This case did not follow all the normal protocol," Dimoff said. "I'm not saying someone's wrong because they didn't (follow protocol), but holding back reports ... the department has a right to a report from its employee on what happened.

Years later, when Churchill died in 1965, Queen Elizabeth broke protocol by arriving at his funeral before his family. Protocol states that the Queen is supposed to be the last person to arrive at any function, but in this instance, she wanted to be respectful to the Churchill family.

It's likely that if Queen Elizabeth II had never ascended the throne, Winston Churchill would have retired a lot earlier than he did. She was only in her twenties when she became queen, and he was there to provide a steady hand when she was just learning how to be a leader. Churchill's mind for government and his friendship were so important to Elizabeth that when he died in 1965, she broke protocol at his funeral.

In 1962, at the age of 87, Churchill suffered a fall and broke his leg in Monte Carlo. He was flown back to England but remained in such poor condition that he was unable to attend a service held by President Kennedy naming the former prime minister an honorary citizen of the United States. On January 12, 1965, Churchill suffered his last stroke. He held on for two weeks before passing away on the 17th anniversary of his father's death.

Churchill's body lay in state between January 27 and 30 so the public could pay their final respects, and the queue was often a mile long, with more than 300,000 people waiting to say goodbye. His funeral was then held at St. Paul's Cathedral, where the Queen broke protocol to convey her reverence for the late prime minister. She's supposed to be the last person to show up at any function, official or not, but she decided it would be more respectful to Churchill's family to get all the fuss over with before they arrived. Following the funeral, Churchill's coffin was loaded onto a boat that floated along the River Thames to a family plot near his birthplace at Blenheim Palace.

Rule Broken: Royals traditionally wear the lightest of pinks or neutrals on their nails (Markle wore Essie's Ballet Slippers for the royal wedding, for example). Not so here: Markle broke precedent by wearing bordeaux on her nails at the Royal Albert Hall.

Rule Broken: Exposed legs are a big no-no among the royals. Protocol dictates that anytime you wear a skirt or a dress, stockings are a must. But in the thick of the August heat, Meghan ditched the pantyhose and went bare-legged in a black Judith & Charles tuxedo dress. Although this isn't the first time Meghan broke the rule, it is the first time she violated it since becoming a duchess.

The Orange County Fire Authority broke department protocols in its response to the Canyon 2 Fire by not deploying enough equipment after receiving early reports of flames, an independent investigation has determined.

McIntosh also hosted and participated in meetings of high ranking members of BGF at her home, where racketeering activities, including drug trafficking, robberies and retaliation against rival gangs and BGF members who broke protocol, were discussed.

A California hospital is closing its COVID-19 vaccination clinic, weeks after county officials prohibited it from receiving more shots because it broke protocol, San Jose Spotlight reported Feb. 14.

The decision comes after the hospital submitted new screening measures to the county Jan. 28 to ensure compliance with shot protocol. In a separate San Jose Spotlight report, Good Samaritan said it canceled vaccination appointments for anyone not covered under the county's current vaccine distribution plan. It also said the hospital would screen more for patients who are eligible for inoculation; require patients to prove their eligibility via photo ID and occupation; and follow a contingency plan so that vaccines aren't wasted.

China's foreign minister has said he hopes Beijing's relations with the US would not be "interfered with or damaged" after president-elect Donald Trump broke with decades-long diplomatic tradition and spoke directly with Taiwan's leader.

The pic was released by former Royal Air Force press officer Craig Lindsay, who was the go-between with the press when the story first came out in 1990. He broke protocol and shared the photo after he grew tired of keeping quiet for decades and wanting the truth to come out.

The red-headed slugger hit .320 with two homers during the World Series before being pulled from the deciding Game 6 after testing positive for the coronavirus. He infamously broke protocol by returning to the field after the final out and removed his mask near teammates during the celebration. MLB decided against punishing him. 041b061a72


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