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[S8E1] Stronger Than Ever

Diaz is outstandingly intelligent, a trait that made him one of Team Arrow's deadliest foes. He is an incredible liar and manipulator as he was easily able to fool, predict and manipulate James, his cabal and Team Arrow for months. Cruel and often silent, Diaz hid behind the mask of a brainless thug so well, his allies and enemies never suspected him, only quietly moving machinations to suit his advantage and striking only when necessary. Despite his (apparently) patient, intelligent attitude, Diaz is also smug and enjoyed taunting his enemies, such as revealing his true colors to James before killing him. He is virtually fearless in the face of death and danger. Diaz is highly sadistic, as he was willing to torture Vincent Sobel, Roy Harper and Anatoly Knyazev. His well-known cruelty is also incredibly feared, as a woman killed her lover due to her loyalty to Diaz. He also has a sort of contorted warrior-like life philosophy, stating that "fighting for trophies is different than fighting for life" and respecting everyone who managed to fight with him, granting them money and places in his organization depending on the skills they demonstrated. Also, Diaz seems to highly regard the concept of "family", as seen by his viewing his organization as such and becoming greatly angered whenever someone goes "against the family".

[S8E1] Stronger Than Ever

While he maintains a façade of always being calm, level-headed, patient and speaks with almost no emotion in his words, due to the trauma of being considered a loser in his orphanage, Diaz developed an inferiority complex and would show extreme signs of rage, anger and immense violence whenever he was losing, being disrespected and underestimated, especially by Remy Cartier and his son Eric, and become impatient whenever his plans were failing or lacking progress. When Eric revealed that his proposal to the Quadrant was never learned by the organization due to his father, who saw him as nothing, Diaz immediately and brutally beat him, something that even disgusted Laurel. He has a profound ability to feel and act on grudges, having held a grudge towards Jesse Federico, his childhood bully, for at least 32 years and when the time came, Diaz cruelly burnt him alive. After Oliver Queen and his team took everything from him, he swore to ruin all of their lives more than he already did, even with Queen imprisoned for his acts of vigilantism.

All of these traits spread absolute fear into his own subordinates and some of his enemies, especially Laurel Lance, who explained that he scared her more than Zoom ever did, who, unlike Diaz, was actually genuinely capable of loving someone. While the two were in a relationship, he showed signs of affection, but even before she betrayed him, he was ruthless towards her in order to get her to testify against Queen, and became even more so after her betrayal. Whenever his patience exceeds its limits, he would become frustrated to the point of being reckless in his actions as he declared open warfare on Team Arrow and their families, regardless of who gets in the crossfires, indirectly revealing how much of Star City he controls that allowed the FBI to arrest his people, destroying his empire. Even injured, Diaz displayed anger as Oliver publicly announced his defeat, therefore humiliating him in front of the world.

Since childhood, Diaz has always been a dramatically failing pretender; for example, he tried very hard to make his father proud of him even if it meant pretending to be someone he wasn't, which never worked. After becoming a crime lord, the life he had, which was filled with nothing but bitterness and rage, made him so determined to finally win that he tried to take over Star City, to prove to the entire criminal underworld that he is a winner, only to once again suffer a far more debilitating failure, as his downfall at the hands of Oliver has instead proven to them that he is nothing more than a loser.

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Back in Ponyville, Starlight apologizes again for ruining their trip to Saddle Arabia, but Trixie remarks that even time spent on the road by herself can be irritating. Nonetheless, Starlight is glad that they made the attempt, and Trixie agrees, believing the experience made their friendship stronger than ever.

Starlight Glimmer, newly accepted student to Princess Twilight Sparkle, tries finding her way around the large Castle of Friendship. Upon finding Twilight in the castle library, Starlight thanks Twilight for letting her stay at the castle after everything she's done in the past. Twilight tries to help Starlight feel welcome, and as Starlight's teacher, she tries to figure out what her first friendship lesson should be, having made extensive lists of possibilities.

As Twilight sorts through her lists, Starlight joins her friends in the castle throne room, where they plan their upcoming trip to the Crystal Empire. With Princess Cadance and Shining Armor having their baby soon, the Mane Six look forward to the baby's "Crystalling". Spike explains that the Crystalling is a special ceremony for Crystal Empire newborns that culminates in making the Crystal Heart stronger than before.

As Spike encourages Starlight to talk to Twilight about her troubles, Twilight excitedly summons them to the castle balcony. A snowflake-shaped invitation to the Crystalling arrives, indicating that Cadance and Shining Armor's baby has now been born. Twilight prepares to travel to the Empire while Starlight is more worried than ever about her upcoming reunion with Sunburst.

Meanwhile, at the palace, the Mane Six meet Shining Armor and Cadance's newborn foal who, much to their shock, turns out to be an Alicorn. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, also in attendance of the baby's Crystalling, explain that this is the first natural Alicorn birth in Equestria. Due to the unpredictability of the baby's magic, demonstrated when she blasts a hole in the ceiling with her sneeze, Cadance considers cancelling the Crystalling. But Celestia says the Crystalling is more important now than ever, and she advises that Cadance inform her subjects of the situation.

I feel she was more sympathetic in S1 than Book 1. She never told Cersei the plans (D&D said she would be 2 years older than book Sansa and thus less naive), tried everything she honestly could to save her father and never insulted Arya in a mean way.

Eighteen months pass with no sign of help and supplies begin to dwindle, forcing Venable to announce they are cutting down to one meal a day. Dinah tells the group that they are stronger than they think and that they can learn from their situation, but Gallant, starving and stir crazy, angrily rebukes her motivational remarks.[4]

Dinah is a powerful Voodoo practitioner, who held the status of Voodoo Queen among the Voodooists in New Orleans, after the former Voodoo Queen's demise. It was implied that she was less powerful than Cordelia, as she admitted there was nothing she can do that Cordelia could not except summoning Papa Legba. However, since Fiona Goode was able to summon Papa Legba, this could infer that Cordelia either did not know she could or that she did not know how. It is certainly confirmed that Dinah is less powerful than Marie Laveau, both by Marie herself and the fact that her eyes only paled when invoking powerful magic whereas Marie's went full white. However, she was still powerful enough to be able to break Cordelia's protection spell with a voodoo ritual, thereby confirming that her magic was still strong. 041b061a72


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