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[S1E3] Retention

In January 2022, North Dakota United released daunting results of a survey on educator retention. 74% of those surveyed believe teacher retention is a major issue for the coming school year and only four out of ten see themselves retiring as teachers.

[S1E3] Retention

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2022 North Dakota Teacher of the Year Bret Dockter, of Harvey, joins the Education Mindset podcast to talk about a grant he received from the Department of Public Instruction to promote recruitment and retention of educators in the state of North Dakota.

We continue our look at the educator retention crisis by visiting with North Dakota United President Nick Archuleta. He says teachers are letting us know in no uncertain terms that things have to change for the better.

We continue our look at the educator retention crisis in North Dakota by hearing from a Fargo teacher who chose to leave the profession, and a Minot teacher who remains in the classroom. The Fargo teacher, who wishes to remain anonymous, spent nearly a decade teaching. He explains why he left the profession but also offers some solutions that could help the profession.

Tune into the podcast to find out more about how you can create a brilliant employee experience, retain and attract top talent, how to handle your team's mental health, and where the world of retention is going.

Fight or Flight was first aired in the United States on UPN on October 3, 2001. According to Nielsen Media Research, it received a 5.7/9 rating share among adults.[12] It had an average of 9.2 million viewers.[13] Audience retention was comparatively higher than the second episode of Star Trek: Voyager.[14][15]

The third season, hosted by Larry Markowitz, focuses on efficient law management. Our expert guests will share their experience on artificial intelligence, business development, talent retention and building resilience in a world of constant change.

In this episode, we talk with Dr. St. Claire Adriaan - principal of Encore High School of the Performing and Visual Arts - about his many personal and professional experiences. We discuss life as a young child growing up in South Africa during apartheid, the importance of education and family, how to have 100% staff retention in a school, the use of restorative practices in schools, and running a school in post-Katrina New Orleans. 041b061a72


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