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Dan I - Monkey Chop

Episode 7 of The Monkey Cage ranges from persistent malingering, the Sandinistas, superdelegates underground, the fight over the soul of the Democratic Party in the Empire State, the Inner Circle, to the Pope, the international monkey cabal, Mike Nesmith, the Rolling Stones, Smokey Robinson, Soffy Soffy, the Panama Papers, CaymanIslands, Podesta Blumenthal Inc., and Cynthia's groin pull.

Dan I - Monkey Chop

Episode 16 of The Monkey Cage live from Roberto's II with John Coltrane, BWiz on Orlando, Full Mental Jacket, Manuel the waiter, Jacob's man bun training, Gary Horn on global/self transformation, Gnawa kindness, spinach with white beans, the nature of communication and judgment, New Mexican Brenda Barista serves the Love prescription, profits before people, Susan from NJ remembers the fear of southern segregation and how tolerating LGBT means underlying hatred, Cynthia remembers her High School of Performing Arts lunchtime dance-a-thons, the Reverend Marc Time smells that smell, the Diebold black box piece o' cake hack, Mingus's Crying Blues, HER nose clips, voter suppression by the Associated Press explained by ex TV broadcast producer, obtuse vegetarian lasagna, Anna Ziss-Patton counts on continuing CA county counting, the re-dawning of the Age of Aquarius, Sheldon Wolin's inverted totalitarianism, salsiccio con escarole, Mr Cynthia's revelatory resume, fiddler David Lynch surmises HER reasons for withholding leftist rapprochement from his remote western NC cabin, Millie Glocken stands by her HER, Henry Mancini's Father's Feathers, TPP emails quashed by Barry O, Lally Mullally dallies with the Muncie Monkeys, @life ofLyle, vegetarian pounded pork chop peasant style (it's done with artichokes), biscuit tortoni, Kally's disclaimer, gelati misti, silent Wu, melting spumoni, and Louis Armstrong. 041b061a72


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