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Free UPDATED Web Icon Pack

Icons have a significant role in giving you the first impression of a site or application interface. But it takes a lot of time and money to develop them from scratch. Using them on your site allows you to effectively communicate with your visitors: they increase readability, highlight important content, reinforce functionality or features, and enhance the design. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to ready-made best icon packs.

free web icon pack


Additionally, icons are one of the most integral parts of a website or application. They are responsible for navigation and affect the overall experience of the application. Nowadays, if you are a small company there are many free and paid icon packs available. The process of choosing icons is very important, there are a bunch of icon resources, which also can be subdivided into Material or social media icons. That is why we have compiled a selection of free and paid icon packs and resources for you.

Jam is a set of 896 handcrafted icons. This icon pack comes with both SVG and font versions. The icons can be used as SVG files in your web, print, or application development projects. You can also use them as a font with the given CSS stylesheets. There are 16px, 24px and 32px sizes. You can also choose to fill or stroke icons.

On the website, you can find full documentation and various guides on how to start and customize the product. You can start using the product by simply pasting the link on your website. Additionally, you can use Fontisto with the package managers that are right for you: npm, yarn, bower, etc.

This is one of the few icon packs optimized for Sketch, making it easy to manipulate stroke widths and colors. Built-in Sketch features such as symbols and shared styles make reusing elements, like icons, a quick and easy process.

Smashicons offers a comprehensive collection with over 219000+ icons in their library. Smashicons works a bit differently than others: their pricing is based on a monthly plan of $5/month. This means that for $5 a month you get access to their entire collection as well as any future icons they release.

The icon set from Icons8 comes with more than 120000 icons that cover several categories; from business and office settings to people, food, and social media. They are designed to mimic the look of a specific operating system. You can download them in Windows, iOS, and Android versions.

Icomoon comes as a complete tool for iconography and icon management. The product has a high-quality solution for editing and managing icons. The Icomoon icons have been handcrafted on a 16X16 grid and are available in SVG, EPS, PSD, PDF, and AI formats. The icon set is also constantly updated by its creators.

Glyphish offers a variety of different icon packs. Every pack comes in a variety of different formats, including PNG, SVG, PSD, and AI. The icon pack is available for $99. The free demo includes 50 icons. All can be easily edited by designers.

Material Icon is a free icon pack from Google. To ensure readability and clarity, these icons have been optimized to look great on all platforms and displays. These material icons are totally free and accessible on GitHub. This icon pack is absolutely massive with over 1,000 items covering a wide array of interface features.

Linear Icon pack is one of the most popular and best icon packs for personal or commercial purposes. Linear icon pack comes in both free and premium versions. The free version of this amazing icon pack comes under Creative Common license. There are also different packages you can choose for your needs, such as the Desktop Package.

Searching this huge and comprehensive icon library is very easy. Additional key features of this icon library include both free and premium download options, many large sets of icons, an application for Mac, and more. This icon library is regularly updated, and new icons and sets are being posted every day.

Font Awesome is the most used and the most popular icon font set around. It is also the default icon set for the team at bootstrap. It is also available as SVG icons among other formats.The license is open and free for anything, commercial or personal.

Choosing the right icon pack for your project should not be based on what is considered most popular but rather what best suits the needs of your project. When choosing an icon set, pay attention to how easy it is to start a project, which formats are present in the library, and the price.

With UI design continually moving forward, it can be an arduous task keeping up with the latest changes in icon design. Even though trend changes have not been as drastic recently as we have seen in previous years, icon design has become more refined and specialized, and dare I say it, more beautiful. They have fully embraced the beauty of simplicity by successfully merging all of those popular icon design trends we have seen from previous years.

The curated collection of free icon sets we have for you below are available in many different formats (SVG, PSD, AI, EPS, and Web Fonts), and for many UI applications, like Sketch, Figma, and Affinity Designer. All of the sets are free to download, and most will allow you to use them in both your personal and commercial projects, but please check the license before you use them.

This free minimal icon pack contains 1800 icons in SVG, EPS, PSD, AI, SKETCH, and PNG formats. The icon set comes in both black and white versions and can be used in both personal and commercial projects.

The icon set from Icons8 comes with more than 40000 icons that cover several categories; from business and office settings to people, food, and social media icons. The icons are designed to mimic the look of a specific operating system and you can download them in Windows, iOS, and Android versions. All icons can be recolored and there are even apps for Windows and Mac so you can use them in applications such as Photoshop.

Eldorado + Stroke 3132 mini is a free version of Eldorado + Eldorado Stroke icons and packs a grand total of 3132 icons in PNG format. The icons are mono-colored and include categories such as Basic, Culture, Devices, Finance, and more.

This free set of 48 office, social, and travel icons will certainly come in handy for your next project involving a travel or a corporate website. The icons are available in AI and PNG format and come in a bright monochrome coral and multicolor versions.

Available from FontFabric, the set contains 74 social media icons which guarantees you will never run out of icons for your projects. The icons are available as an icon font so simply download them and use the corresponding key on your keyboard to insert them in your designs.

Try out this vector icon pack the next time you start a web design project or need to come up with a wireframe. The minicons are available in vector format, feature a clean line design, and are perfectly scalable.

If your project revolves around the accounting industry, consider this set of 30 isometric icons featuring charts, graphs, folders, and more. The icons come in AI, EPS, and PNG format and can be completely edited to your liking in Adobe Illustrator.

Introducing Business And Employees Icon PackThis icons set is suitable for your design needs and all project, especially for Business, Company, Industry, Finance and other.This icons set is suitable for your design needs and all project.Features :- 100% Vector- Ready to use- Pixels perfect- High quality- Editable size and color- Compatible with AI (Adobe Illustrator)Hope you like it. Thank you!

Achievement Icon Set in Outline Style.License : Free For Commercial UseAttribution is not required, but it's appreciated.If you want to share the items, make sure to link back to the item page.Feel free to contact us if you need more free icons.Best Regards,@thehalaldesign

If you desire to upload any of our resources to your social networks please remember youmust insert the attribution *Designed by Free icons from* on theuploaded image and on the description of the image.

These sets are usually made in a more simplistic outline style to match all sorts of designs. The best part is, you can easily edit the strokes of the outline graphics so combining icons from different sets to fit your project is very much possible.

These 200+ essential icons are a perfect base for any project. The collection is ideal for any web or mobile project. Use this icon pack from wireframes, prototypes, UX flows to final high fidelity pixels.

This pack features vector graphics in 15 different categories, ideal for websites, ioS, Android, and Apps. The icons are easy to customize and cover various topics such as weather, medicine, music, food, education, and business.

In addition to the essential base sets, you can always spice things up with some beautiful eye-grabbing animated icons. The following sets offer a handful of those GIF, AE, and Lottie JSON formats to use in any project.

36 Free Youtuber, influencer SVG, and PNG icons. This vector icon pack contains YouTubers, influencers, Instagram, Facebook, subscribe, like, heart, promotion, sales, speech bubbles, video, photography, mobile phone, favorite, star icons, and more.

The other way is to use an exisiting icon pack (free or paid) that will save you both time and money. If you're going with an existing pack you need to make sure you it'll cover all your needs and that have the rights to use them (and eventually edit them). Something great about some of them is that they're developer friendly. Meaning that our dear developers friends can use them super easily.