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Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate V12.5 Full Version

Paint Shop Pro is a good program for doing somewhat advanced photo/image editing, though not on the level as Photoshop. However it is much cheaper and easier to use than Photoshop.I've been using it since about PSP 5 or so and has added several features. I feel like the interface relatively OK and easy to use. However, there are a couple reasons I'm not going to rate this a 5 star. Bugs that they've failed to address in numerous releases.1. The software doesn't work through a proxy and there's no setting to add it. Registration is required and you can't go through a proxy??? They at least fixed it in this version so that you can open up a seperate web browser to register. However, Corel checks for updates each time it starts and if it can't go through the proxy it locks up for 10 seconds before starting. Also, you have to download updates manually.2. GIF transparency bug. If you open a GIF with a transparent background, it doesn't work. It shows it as black. You can use the magic wand to delete the black background, but if your image has black on it, then you're SOL.Failing to address the business environment (proxies), and failing to address basic bugs leaves me no choice but to rate it a 2-star.

Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate V12.5 Full Version

I've been a psp user since version 7 and everytime they had a new one I would upgrade to the latest version. I use photoshop, too but I can see psp is a much user-friendly program for everyone and an affordable one at that point. I just bought a laptop and there is a corelpsp installed in it. at first I thought why was it called corel now? I had no idea of whatsoever, then I tried using it since I was very curious at that time. I've seen some extra stuff added to it but I think the greatest version of them all is version 9. the latest one is very slow and I can't believe it doesn't come with an animation shop which I really love to use. how sad. I was dismayed at this version and I can't wait for the trial program to be over so I can switch back to psp 9. I guess I gotta give it a 2. I loved it but I love the previous versions better. =/

Regretfully I have to confirm all the negative reviews which I read below. PSPXI is a buggy and unreliable product, which can be read even at Corel usenet groups (corel.PaintShopProXI at usenet server). The patch actually WORSEN some things e.g. EXIF data is unrecoverably deleted if your pictures are taken after the 8th of December, 2006 and you edit your photographs with PSPXI v.11.11. I also had problems with registering the product (it was bought as a gift by my American friend. I live in Europe, and the box was sent to me), and Corel left me alone with the faulty product. Stick with the older versions of PSP!

Works well for making photos look their best. For constructing images, this will do it but you need Photoshop. The online training,, is effective way to learn the software. Keep in mind Corel says this version is Vista ready. Check online reviews and you will find PSP XI rated between four and five most of the time.

This upgrade adds a few new features, but does feel like it should be 10.5 not XI. There are some fun, new, photo effects and some existing features have been improved. The new Organiser is more useful than the old browser. If you haven't got PSP X then it's worth it, if you have got X, it might be worth waiting for version 12 - sorry XII.To those who say PSP's not worth it and that people should switch to Photoshop, I say: look at the difference in price! Paint Shop Pro is a fraction of PS CS2's price.I won't pay over 100 for any software as I believe it's a rip off over that price. Tell me where I would get a legal version of PS CS2 for less than 100?

What's new in Paint Shop Pro Photo XI?NEW Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI builds on the core values set forth by Paint Shop Pro users themselves: easy-to-use yet powerful tools designed with the photographer in mind. Not only does NEW Paint Shop Pro Photo XI improve on existing features, it also incorporates all-new, one-of-a-kind enhancements including a fully-integrated photo organizer -- giving users a single application that covers their workflow from start to finish.NEW The Organizer A one-stop photo management center that takes the guesswork out of finding photos by letting you search for images on your computer by filename, date, file type, or folder location. NEW Color Changer Tool Easily and realistically change colors of any objects in your photos. NEW Time Machine An amazing special effects filter plus a history lesson all in one! It shows what photos would look like if they were taken in another era, ranging from the 1800s to the 1990s. Some of the photo techniques featured include: Daguerreotype Albumen Cyanotype Platinum Brownie Camera Early Color Cross Process NEW Depth of Field Effect Apply realistic depth that is usually only captured with expensive lenses and a digital SLR camera. It quickly simulates an out-of-focus background to draw attention to the main subject. NEW Skin Smoothing Automatically remove wrinkles, scars, or signs of aging from faces in digital photos NEW Film and Filter Effects Make photos look like they were taken with a specific type of film or filter. Choose from over 50 different combinations or create and save your own look using these mix-and-match options: Film Looks Vivid Vivid Skin Tones Muted Reds Vibrant Foliage Creative Filters Glamour Cooling Warming Night Density NEW Enhanced Crop Tool This makes it easier than ever to get specific print sizes in a flash. NEW Levels and Curves Get exceptional control over some of the most critical image adjustments such as contrast, color depth and levels. NEW Training Videos See Paint Shop Pro Photo in action. Get helpful instructions on how to use new tools and other familiar features in two hours worth of informative videos. NEW Email Features It's easier and faster than ever to share photos with friends and family. Send as attachments or embed photo directly in the body of an email. Paint Shop Pro Photo automatically resizes photos for email so you don't have to open and resave. NEW Corel Painter and Corel Painter Essentials Compatibility Open, edit, create and save images as RIFF files to create a seamless workflow with the world's most popular painting and illustration software. NEW Video Preview Review, open and organize videos and extras single-frames from video clips.Well, I rate it five, however, Corel urgently needs a RAW guru. Corel have lost some ground since Adobe bought Pixmantec (which product was the core of Corel's RAW converter). Quite funny, Adobe announced yesterday about Adobe Photoshop Elements 5 which would be released somehow in late October. And voila! Corel released (not announced) the competitor.

I've been a PSP user since 3.12 and have found that it always exceeds my needs in quality, value, and features. Many people believe that PSP pretty much peaked out at V6 (and for many people - that's ALL you need). Granted, V7-9 were a lot LESS value for your upgrade money. I wasn't happen when Corel bought PSP - frankly I don't like Corel at all, and Things Change(tm) when a company you don't like gets ahold of product you love (see Adobe getting Cool Edit). Despite the GOOFY a** online activation BULLSH*T (its time for that trend to go away), Corel has given PSP a full facelift (not a bad thing - Joe Q. Consumer bases ALL their opinions on how things look - not how they work) and added something that's been needed for years - AUTOMATIC Red Eye fixing (none of this creepy fake eye stuff that you have to place the pupil yourself). The new learning center is dynamic and useful (esp. for the newbs). The footprint is still outrageous - but as previously mentioned, no 2 x 400MB swap files are required to run the program, so ... It starts up about the same speed at V9 does (meaning its still too slow) and processes things comparably. Is this worth buying again? Tough call .. if you're back on V6 or 7 - yeah, you might consider it. If you're new, looking for a little handholding and doing some digital photo touchups, you could do a lot worse. Otherwise, this is V9 reskinned from what I've played with thus far, and the online activation is totally annoying. If you're still looking for Deluxe Paint 4 for the PC, this isn't it (for those doing 2D gaming graphics, and the like - I SERIOUSLY recommend GRAPHICS GALE ( ) - its as close to Dpaint as you're going to get folks).I look forward to taking PSPX out for more rides in the future.

There is not a lot different with this version. A few more effects and wizards. However, what's under the hood seems to be improved a lot. The program uses half the memory compared to v8.10 and caching system works a whole lot faster.From their site it would appear they're releasing another product called Paint Shop Pro Studio thats meant to be a more user friendly version of PSP9. Altogether a fully featured photo editor at a much cheaper price than Adobe Photoshop.

I am also excited to see this version, one thing should be mentioned, LOTS ogf the plug ins for Adobe Photoshop work just as well in paintshiop, I personally like the ease and structured easty to find workflow much more convinient than in Adobe products.To me it is the fastest compression ptrogram "web Design" but lacks in features for masking and retouching aka healing brush "adobe".I am not as sophisticated yet, therefore the ?JASC product is my choice.

I've used Paint Shop Pro off and on since the 3.x versions, and never have I been disappointed. It is a very affordable and capable Photoshop replacement.On a personal level, I like to do sprite artwork. Photoshop isn't very well suited for it, and I've found Paint Shop Pro to be far more useful for what I need to do. This new version's improved features, in particular to me, the paint engine, is impressive! The new version 8 looks to be the huge innovation PSP fans have been waiting for. What are YOU waiting for? Download it now.


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