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Jealous God By Emma Mountford

The story of an intelligent but insecure and self-absorbed college student and how she blows up her most important friendship through her crazy, jealous possessiveness. This was enthralling, well-written and psychologically spot-on. It was also funny, something I always appreciate.

Jealous God by Emma Mountford

The winner of the 2021 Text Prize, Dancing Barefoot is a smart, funny, immensely readable queer romance with loads of heartWinner of the 2021 Text Prize for Young Adult and Children's WritingEvie Vanhoutte is a teachers' pet, a basketball star and the most beautiful girl in the year level. Evie Vanhoutte is tall, has long dark hair, a great smile, and for the past four years, Evie Vanhoutte has been the object of my most ardent, heartfelt, and passionate affection. Unrequited affection, of course.Patch is out of place at Mountford College- she wears the wrong clothes, she's not sporty or popular, she lives in a small flat above her dad's record shop a world away from the leafy suburb where she goes to school. And she has a secret long-term crush on basketball star Evie Vanhoutte. Evie barely knows Patch exists until an accident involving a bottle of ink and Patch's school uniform sparks a friendship that's equal parts exhilarating and terrifying, and very, very confusing.As if that weren't enough, Patch is also trying to deal with a jealous school bully, forgetting to be supportive of her transitioning best friend, Edwin, and worrying about how a potential new stepmother could throw everything off course.Dancing Barefoot is a feel-good romance about growing up queer, figuring out your place in the world, staying true to yourself and your friends, finding love, and learning to embrace the obstacles life throws in your path. About the Author Alice Boyle is an English teacher and author living in Naarm/Melbourne. She has written for SBS Voices and the Stella Prize, and her short story 'The Exchange' was published in the Black Inc. anthology Growing Up Queer in Australia. In 2019 she was highly commended for the Wheeler Centre's Next Chapter program, and in 2021 she won the Text Prize for her debut novel Dancing Barefoot.

CAMILLO**1610 Camillo is a lord at Leontes' court in Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale. He responds to Leontes' irrational jealousy of Hermione and Polixenes by sacrificing loyalty to justice. Leontes first voices his suspicions to Camillo, who upbraids him for suspecting Hermione unjustly. When Leontes orders him to kill Polixenes, Camillo warns Polixenes that his life is in danger and leaves Sicilia with him. Sixteen years later, Camillo returns to Sicilia, and after a series of revelations Leontes recognizes Camillo's merits. As a gesture of goodwill, Leontes suggests uniting Camillo and Paulina.

Part of the problem here is that the Oresteia poses moral dilemmas but offers no real solutions. Both Agamemnon and Orestes must choose between obeying their duties to their families or to the gods.

Hi Corey Happy New Year to you Hope all is well down there Just a quick email to say my son and his GF had the most amazing 4 night stay at Rees They loved the local produce, the friendly staff and the amazing room I was very jealous back here in Auckland still working Anyway thanks again I will def call in when ever I make it down that way ... 041b061a72


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