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#!/bin/bash# file: dname=$USER_keras docker run --gpus all --name=$dname -d -t \ -u $(id -u):$(id -g) -e HOME=$HOME -e USER=$USER -v $HOME:$HOME \ exec -it -u root $dname \ bash -c 'apt-get update && apt-get install -y virtualenv virtualenvwrapper' docker exec -it $dname \ bash -c 'source /usr/share/virtualenvwrapper/ mkvirtualenv py-keras pip install --upgrade pip pip install keras --no-deps pip install PyYaml pip install numpy pip install scipy pip install ipython' docker stop $dname && docker rm $dname

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A folder with the XML report and its related files can in principle be indexed straight away. However, most XML reports will often only contain the external numbers related to the calls and messages, i.e. the number of the phone itself is not in the report. This has valid technical reasons (e.g. it cannot be guaranteed that the current SIM card was used for these calls and messages), but it makes analysis of the communication a lot harder. Also, Intella functionalities like message deduplication require this information. When the investigator knows the number, e.g. obtained from the network provider, it may be specified through a separate text file:

Enables the use of the long term prediction extension which increases codingefficiency in very low bandwidth situations such as encoding of voice orsolo piano music by extending constant harmonic peaks in bands throughoutframes. This option is implied by profile:a aac_low and is incompatible withaac_pred. Use in conjunction with -ar to decrease the samplerate.

The duration of each file is used to adjust the timestamps of the next file:if the duration is incorrect (because it was computed using the bit-rate orbecause the file is truncated, for example), it can cause artifacts. Theduration directive can be used to override the duration stored ineach file. 041b061a72


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